Kia Sportage Keyless Remote

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How do you program keyless remote for 2007 Kia Sportage . Already looked under center console


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    2000 kia sportage ex does not operate door lock up or down on driver side when two button switch on driver door is depressed in eigther position. Here is what i found door lock actuator actuates up when power and ground are supplied to harness of actuator and workes down when power and ground are swithed on wires of actuator this proves motor workes. when button is pressed no signal is sent to actuator from timer control module (wires going to actuator recieve no power - typically 4 volts or 12 volts pulsed). also switch was replaced same symptom, and still no go. so i tried to follow the pins coming to and from timer and alarm module leading to actuator, all creditable sources (mitchael on demand, all data, kia info techstate) the module is located at center of instrument pannel top left of glove box.....NOT TRUE , this is where its supposed to be but its not, i verified with several mechanics at shop and all agree the location and schematics do not match. so where the hell is this module and proper connector wiring? does anybody know the true location of the Timer and Alarm Control Module?
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    Electronic Timer and Alarm Control Module location update: I think I may have resolved my own problem as to where this module could actually be location. I am posting this in case anybody else in the future comes across this problem of not being able to find the module in the location specified by creditable sources. All sources including but not limited to All Data, Mitchell on Demand, kia info tech and more state the module which conrols the power door locks is located within top center of instrument pannel left of glove box....IT SIMPLY IS NOT. I believe i have found the true loction by looking up the modules connectors 279, 235 and or 259 location and according to the diagram the connectors hook directly to the module situation below the center consol nearst drive selector. I won't be able to confirm this unti I go back to work however. hope this may be help to someone in future who comes to realize what I did, which is that KIA company is STUPID!!!
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