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MINI Clubman New Owners - Give Us Your Report

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,717
edited September 2014 in MINI
Clubman owners! Congratulations on your new ride. Tell us what you like about it best so far, and those things that you might change if you could.

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  • 2009 Clubman S: Auto...I have had the vehicle for about two months. The best think so far are the heated seats, these things are great! I had them in my previous car (FX35) but they were no where near as warm. I also like the handling, gas mileage, USB port, on board computer and the blue tooth works great. No problems although this car certainly does NOT like the cold. First started on a cold morning (under 30 degrees) and it takes about 5-10 minutes for the engine to not sound like it is going to fall out of the car. So far, I'll give it an 8 out of 10.
  • I really love the car. Been driving mercedes, lexus, etc...for years and wanted a freedom machine...i think i found it... 38 mpg at 85 mph, a sports car feel with some room to haul what i need to haul around in back. Fun to drive i got the standard and can make the car sing by how i work the gears; yeah the rides a little loud and sometimes harsh, but more times then not just plain fun. Love the iphone integration, great styling and incredible handling. This is the first car i have wanted to own and not lease in 20 years... i plan to have this hanging around my garage when they take me away toes up:) I think its a classic in the making! It is for me anyway.

    P.S. My personal opinion is that the non S with a standard transmission is all the power and speed i could ever need and the mileage is funtastic...more of a nostalgic sporty British car in the true tradition...the S is blast to step on but so is the non S with a standard transmission.
  • sheebasheeba Posts: 1
    2009 Clubman - Standard trans. First off I have to say I absolutely love this car. The base version with stick has enough power but of course I now want more so I'm thinking about upgrading to the S. I can put down the seats and haul just about anything. Only things I don't like: the headlights are not strong/bright enough...strange given how large the lights are!; the screen for the sunroof does not block enough sunlight; the ipod/bluetooth hook up does not recharge my iphone and it's pretty laborious to scroll through a large library on the ipod with the radio buttons. The bluetooth works great though. It would also be great to not have to use premium gas. I wanted the navigation system but it was way too expensive...funny since the prices have come down so much. The only other thing is the slight delayed electrical response rate but I'm assuming it has something to do with all the computerization. I'm hoping these small annoyances can be addressed in future models. I have not had the car serviced yet but I'm hoping MINI has good service. If they do, I don't think I'll ever buy any other brand!
  • m4xm4x Posts: 2
    Absolutely adore my new toy car :) It's black with silver roof and stripes. Got the premium, convenience and an array of extras (bluetooth, nice car seats, piano black moldings, usb/mp3/bluetooth, paddle shifters, automatic transmission (for traffic), 10 spkr hifi, run flat tires, etc for about $26K ($2000 discount). Everything is nice except a busted rear speakers and the lack of a better sunroof cover. I had to get the zippee shade for $50 (incl shipping). Drive is absolutely fun and corners are exciting. I love the constant mini waves i've been getting :)
  • Bought a Clubman about 10 days ago. After owning sedans the past 18 years, and after test driving a slew of new sedans, I am so glad I shifted gears and opted for the Mini Clubman. Extra space and extra door makes it practical enough for the family and it is sooooo much fun to drive.
  • Finally I am a member of the only Club to which I have ever wanted to belong: Mini Cooper Owner. I just bought a 2009 Clubman S and I love it. I have wanted a Mini, but particularly the Clubman, for three years. There is just something about that car. It's chic, classy, sporty, hip, fast, ecologically smart, fun, elegant, different and groovy. A car for those of us who think SUVs, BMWs and elongated sports cars, like the Z or Corvette, are crashing bores. I drive this car back and forth between Virginia and Manhattan and I zoom by everyone. Love the gas mileage. I feel absolutely safe. It handles beautifully. I depend on my iPod connection and Blue Tooth phone connection for my BlackBerry. I'm wild about the sight lines. With a dual panoramic roof I feel like I'm outside. The navigation system is a dream. The sound is great. The car fits my body perfectly. What would I change? Only ONE thing. I'd have that cute little side door on the Driver's side too. Love that door. Every time I get into this car I smile. And when I pull up to a stop light? Other people smile. There's just something about that car.
  • bc43bc43 Posts: 6
    Love the Clubman. Couldn't be happier. To be honest I am a little bummed that so many people are buying these now but I can't blame them. My wife has a VW bug and that car drives me nuts. Clubman blows it away in every way possible :)
  • coolgamcoolgam Posts: 2
    Guess I need to test drive..Looking for a car that can carry two person and have fold down seats to carry a black lab & shepard cross. The only two vehicles that have caught my eye are the FJ Cruiser which i test drove today and the mini cooper. I'm not an off road driver (actually i'm a grandma), but i still like cool looking vehicles. Will the mini club haul two dogs ?
  • m4xm4x Posts: 2
    When the rear seats of the Mini Clubman are folded, 2 good sized dogs can fit comfortably. My friend has the FJ and it's interior is very "placticky". It's almost like you're in a lego car and it's not that roomy despite its size.

    The clubman has enough room and you'll enjoy the mini waves you will get from time to time.
  • jayminijaymini Posts: 1
    how does the zippeeshade work for you? does it ever have any sunlight cracks coming in?
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