Mazda CX-9 Rust on Exhaust Pipe

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I bought brand new CX-9 GT 2.5 months back. After driving for a week, I noticed a rusty looking marks on the exhaust pipe, which I guess came along with the fuel exhaust.

Is it normal for a new car showing rusty lines? You could actually wipe the rusty marks with hand.

I informed the dealer after a week he says it is because of condensation and should go away after break in period. But after 2000 miles I still see the same rusty fluid coming out. I left the vehicle with dealer yesterday and he said he is going to take pictures and will send it to mazda.

I don't know if it is a faulty pipe or something else going on.
Any suggestions??



  • hardyhhardyh Member Posts: 4
    Any body, any suggestions please?
  • hardyhhardyh Member Posts: 4
    Cmon, Anybody can suggest something???
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    My guess is that it's just from condensation, especially if it's just rust you get when you wipe it off, and it's not oily. If it's from condensation, then it's normal.
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    I concur. :)

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    Also, your miles don't seem especially low for the length of time you've owned your CX-9, but if you are doing lots and lots of short trips, you might get more condensation and rust than someone driving a long commute at highway speeds most of the time.

    Please let us know what the dealer says.
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    Steve, You are correct , if I am making lot of short trips, there will be more rust. But it is so unusual to have the rust in just 2 months of owning the vehicle.

    Anyways I got my car back from the dealer. Though he didn't do any work on the rust, he sent the pictures to mazda and waiting for any response.

    Anyone else having the same issue out there?

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    Hi, My CX9 is around 12 months now. I noticed rusting on the exhaust pipes recently, but it is in very bad condition. I never expected this, as my 4 year Maxima does not show any signs of rust on the pipes.I will bring it to the notice of the dealer and see what they respond. I am in NJ.

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    we got our 09 in Aug, have about 4600mi on it, and have quite a bit of rust in both pipes...taking it in for its 5k in a couple weeks and I'll whine to the dealer and letcha know what they say,
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    when you say 'rust on exhaust pipe' are you referring to the chromed tips? if so then I'd say this is quite normal and the best thing to do is get some chrome or metal polish and an old t-shirt. I just did the touch up on mine and got the tips looking good as new after a year of neglect. This is a normal product of combustion engines though and chrome needs a lot of love where water sits on it.

    now if you're saying that your exhaust pipe under the vehicle has rust- I'm not overly surprised and wouldn't be too concerned unless it is causing the metal to flake off. Unless you get them ceramic coated or high heat painted there isn't much to be done but to knock it down now and again with some light steel wool. Don't scrub too hard though. Just gives the rust greater penetration in the long run.
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    just the tips from what I can see and I haven't even gotten down and really looked at it. When I come home and open the garage, I see rust in both tips...thats as much investigation as I've done. I'll take a better look before I hit the dealer on it but if it's not more than the surface/cursory you get from normal wear n tear, then I prob won't bother saying anything.
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    My CX9 is 2 months old, sits in the garage from Mon - Fri and does short as well as highway trips on weekends. It has 1000 miles on it. Just checked the inside of the tailpipe and it shows some rust. I agree with those who say its a normal phenomena. I was able to wipe most of it off with a cloth. Will try putting metal polish on it as suggested. Is there some kind of anti rush polish available I wonder.

    One thing though - the immediate inside of the tailpipe was very sticky, but not oily. Why is is so sticky ?

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    yep, it just wiped biggy
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