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Nissan 300zx Warning Lights and Problem Codes

300zx3300zx3 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
i dont know what code 55 means for a nissan 1990 300zx non turbo automatic?


  • pauld5pauld5 Posts: 19
    Can't find code 55, but on older 1985 self diognosis pages code 44 has "everything Okay!" 1995 EF & EC code page doesn't have a code listed for "everything Okay!"
    You might want to see what Nissan4Wheelers respond with? :surprise:
  • pauld5pauld5 Posts: 19
    "55 does mean that you have no problems!" Have Ef & EC page 50 States "no malfunction in the above curcuits"! (Page Quote) 1995 Car Care Munual :)
  • Mine is 94 automatic. I just found speedometer didn't work just after oil change (Sears). To me it goes nothing with oil change but asked the mechanic to lift her to see anythnig disconnected. Speed sensor seemed to be untouched. Nothing was wrong. Like the guy above, connectors, fuses under the dashboard were checked too and looked normal.

    What the hack... rpm, odometer, temp, oil press. and tranny. everything is fine.

    The only thing I am gonna do is to change speed sensor before dropping her at the dealer (or place cost less).

    Any comments will be appreciated.
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