asd relay issue

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this may have been covered but really dident get the info i needed. my problem is there no fuel reaching the injectors and no power going to the pump. i dont know how to read the codes on the van and i know in the on position they cycle but anyways how can i get the fuel pump to power on. the van will start with starting fluid so im sure i have spark. i would appreciate anyones advice thanks everyone.


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    The ASD relay usually doesn't shut the fuel pump off, only injector pulse. That is what the fuel pump relay is for. I'd replace that first just because they are very cheap and easy to replace. If your electrically inclinded make sure there is constant power with the key off at the switch side of the fuel pump relay and there is power with the key on at the coil side of the relay. Next make sure there is ground with the key on at the coil side of the relay. If there is no ground your computer is telling your relay not to engage. There are a few reasons why. Your PCM could be bad, bad wiring, possible sensor issues. Further diagnosis becomes more involved. You can do the same testing for the ASD relay. Unfortunately technology has made diagnosis much too complicated for the backyard mechanic. Hope this helps.
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    If there is no ignition signal, camshaft, or crankshaft reference sensor signal present when the ignition key is turned to the RUN position, the ASD relay interrupts power to the electric fuel pump, the fuel injectors, the ignition coil and the heated oxygen sensor, causing the car to not start or shutoff while running.
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    My van ran just fine with no problems. Parked it for a week go out to start and have no power to ignition. Replaced the crank sensor am now looking at ASD relay. Is there anything else I need to be looking at as to the cause of no power to the ignition?? Is the ASD relay something that will go out on this model normally?
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