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Pesky Tire Pressure Sensors on Ford Explorers

dave1309dave1309 Member Posts: 16
Has anyone experienced any problems with tire pressure sensors on Ford Explorers?

Have a 2006 Explorer and just perfomed the "get ready for winter" routine including checking tire pressure.
All tires show the same pressure outlined in the manual. When the temp dips below 32, car sitting overnight, the check tire pressure light comes on and stays lit until the vehicle is driven 15+ miles and the tires warm up. I know it's the cold weather combined with cold air volume in the tires but the pressure is right on the numbers when cold. It's only a slight annoyance in the winter but just wondered if anyone else had this minor glitch.


  • wubby1963wubby1963 Member Posts: 2
    I also experienced this as well, I live in Iowa my Explorer is a 2004 and its always lit up for just a bit until its warmed up and driven abit, and only has done it since its been cold along with snow on my reversal sensors caused them to go off and as soon as I wiped away the snow it quit.

  • dave1309dave1309 Member Posts: 16
    Had a strange thing happen the other day. Had new tires put on the Explorer and when they took off the right rear tire the pressure sensor and the band it attached with fell out on the floor. The Ford technician looked at it and said that was the first time he had ever seen one come off. He also remarked that it looked like it had been bouncing around in the tire for a while. The dealership replaced it at no charge (they had to order the part).
    All the time it was being tossed all over he** inside the tire it continued to work and monitor the pressure.
    Guess I have to give Ford kudos for a tough little piece of equipment........
  • barb2010barb2010 Member Posts: 4
    Same here. At first I thought it was the new Goodyear tires. I didn't seem to have this issue before purchasing them. It really is an annoyance!
  • specialk3specialk3 Member Posts: 1
    Yeah, mine comes on every winter when the temperature changes from warm to cold, very annoying every day, every time I crank the vehicle. Funny thing is I was getting my oil changed the other day and three people came in complaining about the same thing, some people were told they would put more air in their tires others were told their Nitro-Fil was out and it would cost $39.99. In other words they know it is a problem and are doing nothing about it.
  • capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 906
    I hope everyone is aware that when the temperature drops, the pressure drops as well. About 1 psi for every 10°F.

    Also, running a tire generates heat, so the pressure rises as well!

    So if you are reporting that cold weather is triggering your system and driving a few miles turns it off - well, it sounds like the system is working perfectly and so are the laws of Physics.

    If you want to stop the system from being triggered, start off with more pressure.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Or just wait for the next TPMS's firmware version to have OAT compensation.
  • jctsrjctsr Member Posts: 1
    I too have a 2006 Ford Explorer Eddy Baure Edition V8 4.6 liter. I have gotten a Tire sensor fault warning since I got the Vehicle. Had tires rotated and took it to a car washed and a high pressure wash was used in each wheel well. It worked for a while then now it comes on intermittent. At first each time I started the engine it would come on and I would reset it and it would be fine till the next time I started my engine. Now it is intermittent. Sometimes it comes on while I am driving and pushing reset will fix it, sometimes when I start the engine. Two questions? What is going on and where is the main sensor/monitor unit located? :(
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