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I'm in the market for a new car, and I've been in
love with the Eclipse GS-T from the start. Is
there any bad about this car? Reliability?
Dependibility? stuff like that. If you could let
me know it would be appreciated.....~FluX


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    I have to put in a vote for YES on the Eclipse here. I have a 97, which has 30,000 HARD-DRIVEN miles on it, and it has had zero problems. Not one rattle, squeak, or otherwise strange noise, and zero mechanical problems. The AWD Turbo beats just about everything off the line except Corvette, Mustang, and RX7 (been there). The handling is great (just TRY to fishtail the back end around a corner; it won't budge, and I think that having over 100 horses per liter of displacement is admirable engineering.

    As far as reliability, Mitsubishi used to get not-so-good ratings, but they're still twice as reliable as any domestic car, and the 96-98 models have increased vastly in reliability. Email me with any questions.
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    Depends what day they were built. My sister and her boyfriend have 1 year old GSX's, 1 is a stick and one an auto, that is the only difference. My sister's has had a rain leak and electronics problems. Just a fluke but this week, her 17" tire fell apart. The tread came off, and there was sidewall left all around the wheel. I've never seen anything like that before. In any case, her boyfriend's has not had a problem, although he garages it in bad weather.
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    He garages an all-wheel-drive car in bad weather? Does he have a Hummer as a second car, or something?
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    Sorry to bring this up because I think the car looks great, but you should check out the April issue of Consumer Reports, which is their car issue. They don't seem to like Mitsu very much. Especially pay attention to the used car reliability rating section, the Eclipse/Talon has a horrible record according to this report.

    The Acura Integra has a much better record, actually its supposed to be the most reliable in the class. I think the hp on the Integra can go up to 195 depending on what model you look at. Since you're considering the GS-T and not the GSX the fact that the Integra doesn't offer AWD shouldn't bother you. (If AWD is important the only other car in that price range that I can think of is the Subaru 2.5 RS, which was really fun to test drive by the way)
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    There's a big thread in the Coupes conference on Mitsu Eclipse Reliability ..
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    And here's the link:

    Mitsu Eclipse Consumer Reviews.

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