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Problems with Voice Recognition in your Benz

casper1022casper1022 Posts: 24
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
I am having problems with my voice recognition system on my C350, does not seem to recognize my number 2 most of the times, it recognizes it as a 0..even after doing the voice recognition individualization, it is still failing, apprently I heard this is an issue with most Mercedes there anybody else having this issue? Any comments? The dealer is looking into the matter but this is disappointing for a Navigation system which costed this much and is not able to locate certain addresses due to a problem with recognition or dial a phone number properly..


  • No problems here. I use the MM Command is english and italian and have had no problem with recognizing numbers or commands. Sometimes when I forget the exact Command instruction protocol I just guess at the instruction, and yet it gets it right 9 times out of 10! Dial phone numbers need to be annunciated a "the proper" pace; too slow or too fast are a problem. Use the voice training and testing to check to see if the car is getting it right.

    As for reports of "an issue with most Mercedes.." I recommend that you go to either/both of these websites ( or; the largest MB forums in the world) and search for this topic/issue. I doubt much will turn up as I do not recall this being mentioned very often in the forums. Maybe your vehicle has a defect with the onboard microsphone, vocoder, or signal processor and then dealer is trying the old "they all do that" routine. Press you dealer to make it right.
  • Thanks for your feedback..I was at the dealer yesterday since it has become a frustration which lead me to the dealer for some resolution..The manager was with me in the vehicle and we did everything which needed to be done to resolve the one point in time, the system just canceled the command, he feels that there may be a glitch in the system..I was told that in the site or program, the host who owns a CLK 500 speaks about the voice recognition issue and apparently, this is an issue..I appreciate your information and the car has less than 2000miles and was bought brand new, ordered in August 2007 so that being said, I strongly feel the dealer needs to fix it and not be being frustrated that the feature cannot be utilized to its fullest. Thanks again. :(
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