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Noise and vibration

westcottwestcott Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Jeep
i have a 99 GC. i noticed a clicking in left front wheel when I backup to the left and a vibration in the gas peddle and steering wheel. i put a new hub assembly on left side, no improvement. The mechanic then removed the front drive shaft and the noise went away so we put in a new shaft, but the noise returned. any suggestions?


  • I would check the jwa Joint Working Angle of the shaft or you have another bad u-joint did they grease the u-joints when they installed them? Some times you get a lube for life u-joint that doesn't need to be greased but I have had bad trouble with them in the past. If the work was done reasontly then I would go back to the shop and see if it is still under warranty. My shop warrants all our work for one year.
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