Power Sliding Doors

fireixiifireixii Member Posts: 2
I have a 2006 SV6 with 50,000 km on it and I have had to take the van in twice to have the passanger side door fixed. Both times the door stopped working I tried using the manual setting. Well I managed to get the door closed but the ding ding ding would not stop. Only solution at the time Crank up the tunes. Both times GM has been great and fixed the problem under warranty but I am worried about what happens after the warranty runs out. Has anybody else come across this.


  • quick4quick4 Member Posts: 1
    any help on my 99 montana power slideing door. it quit working, even door alarm don,t sound. checked fuses,switches and have power all the way back to motor? any wiring diagrams out there? thanks all help
  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
    I've had problems with mine too. There is a power door reset proceedure in your manual... this works about 1/2 the time. Ensure that someone did not bump your door lock switch on the overhead console... mine was not completely toggeled and couldn't get my door to work until I discovered it... let me know what you find. Cheers and good luck.
  • ryskorysko Member Posts: 1
    I have 2005 Montana, the right rear power sliding door, malfunctions when using power switch. The door closes, but the door ajar ding dong will not stop. The door works okay when you open and close it manually. Have had it into the dealer and they said it was just a dirty track. Worked for a month, now have same problem.
  • metal_chairmetal_chair Member Posts: 1
    door shuts all the way them pops out alittle and beeps
  • madamsonmadamson Member Posts: 1
    did you ever figure out what it was? i am going crazy HELP!
  • gypsymogypsymo Member Posts: 1
    Try cleaning the door contacts with soft cloth. Open the door, look down and you'll see a group of metal "prongs" on the door and a "plastic" looking panel on the car that lines up with the prongs. We had this problem too, and tried this out of desperation....it worked!!!!! Good luck
  • cstaldercstalder Member Posts: 1
    My power sliding door quit working. It will not respond to either manual buttons or the remote button. I have tried the reset sequence that is in the manual which used to correct it but no luck this time. When the button is pressed I can hear a release sound but no movement. Please help.
  • tanya16tanya16 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what could be possibly happening with my 2004 Pontiact Montana? When I turn off the car and take the keys out of the ignition, there is a loud, irritating noise from the right sliding door on the passenger side. There was a time when the doors stop locking with the key fob. Any time I press the key fob, you can still hear this sound from the sliding door.

    Any help/recommendaitons would be greatly appreciated.
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