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Civic vs. New Beetle

PeterunPeterun Member Posts: 83
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I own three autos . . . a '98 Mercedes SLK230; A '99 Lexus SUV RX-300; and a silver New Beetle. Would never have thought anythng in that price point could make me this happy, could make me smile so much. Buy the Civic if you want good reliable transportation. Buy the New Beetle if you want "Art," reliable transportation . . and something so special you won't know whether to keep it in your garage or your living room. Works perfectly, absolutely gorgeous design - great materials, great lighting. I love it so. It's in a league of it's own. I paid window sticker, loaded up, with auto, CD changer, sport package, power windows and cruise . . for $17,000. Great deal. Pete


  • thewallthewall Member Posts: 1
    Go for the beetle man it is too cool
  • HFitzHFitz Member Posts: 13
    Thank you both for your opinion! The Civic is much cheaper and that's a big plus right now - I just up and moved clear cross country by myself and everything has left me more in debt than originally plannes! (enough of my troubles!) but I just bet I'd regret the Civic every time I saw a New Beetle ("bug"!)

    Anyone know what availability is like in southern california. If I were to wait about a month would it be easier to get one - or is the availability going to stay really limited?

    If I can get the additional financing needed to go bug over civic - i'm there! I just hope it's super reliable b/c my last car ('94 camaro) has brought only headaches!

    Why only 2 year/24000 mile warranty?
  • cworetcworet Member Posts: 2
    Has 10yr drivetrain warranty
  • cworetcworet Member Posts: 2
    Go to http:/ for all the info on the new bug
  • TavisTavis Member Posts: 8
    Considering all the standard equipment on the new beetle, is a comparably equipped civic really cheaper?
  • lbarronlbarron Member Posts: 1
    Love my new beetle going to trade for 1999 with sun roof and bigger engine
  • msellowmsellow Member Posts: 11
    HFitz: The availability of the Bug is such, that, if a month or two is the difference between affording the Civic and getting the Bug, go for the Bug. VW is making 50,000 of them this year. the Bug's popularity--and reasonable price--means the factory will be working overtime to meet demand.
    Do the math, compare a comparably equipped Civic with the features on the Bug. You'll be surprised to see how close they are.
    I recently placed my order for a Passat GLX and decided for it over a Maxima. I know the Maxima's a good car, but, if I'm going to be "stuck" with whatever car I'm going to buy while I pay for it, I'll get what I want.

    Let me suggest that, if you do your research, you'll be fully confident--as much as can be reasonable--that you've made the right choice.
    Can you imagine, in two years or so, saying "I wish I had bought..."

    Good luck
  • manchildmanchild Member Posts: 18
    The bottom line on the Civic is that it's fairly basic, reliable transportation that will last you a good 200,000 miles if you want to keep it for that long, and decent resale value if you want to trade it in sooner. It won't turn any heads down the road, and it will likely bore you to death. (Unless you get one with the CVT, then it'll just weird you out for a year or two.)

    Something else to consider: you could get a 2-year-old Acura Integra with 25K miles for almost the same price as the Civic (the Integra will be a little more), and it'll be just as reliable, but with a little extra power and a higher fun factor. While I was car shopping, my girlfriend at the time just wouldn't stop talking about "My Acura" and how she loved it so much while she owned it. She drives a Saturn right now and misses "Her Acura" badly.

    The New Beetle, IMHO, is something of a fad. You'll get everyone looking at your car and watching you as you drive down the road. (The other day I saw a BMW 7-series driver nearly lead his car into a ditch watching a white NB drive by.) If you like that sort of thing, the Beetle will be appealing. I question if the appeal will be the same in 2-3 years time, and you'll be left wondering if you've made the right choice. Of course, people are still driving Miatas, so who knows.
  • mppedersenmppedersen Member Posts: 25
    One thing that has not been offered is the crash test scores issue. The New Beetle was awarded a "Best Pick from the NIHS on the offset crash test. The Civic, was only "acceptable". But the Civic was their #2 choice. The Civic does not have side airbags, nor seatbelt pretensors. But in coupe form, you do have 3 seatbelts in the back, and that is something that the NB is lacking because of size. The NB also gets noticably worse gas mileage than the Civic, and has a slower 0-60 time, unless you get the 1.8 L Turbo Gas Engine, but that puts you near $20,000; and that is in the Acura Integra price range. Also, some equipment is different between the NB and the Civic. {you cant get a flower vase, heated seats, heated winshield wiper nozzles, and a few other things on the Civic, but you can get most of the features of the Civic on the NB}. So basically what it comes down to is what your priorities are.
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    mppetersen says it all: it comes down to your priorities.

    IMHO, the Honda Civic DX 5 speed & the New Beetle are two really different cars. Why not make a list of what is most important to you (airbags, alarm package, gas mileage, etc.) in order of importance to you? Then rate each car from your perspective. Drive them both and then see what you think.

    Remember, the right car for you is the right car for *you*!

  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Purchasing the New Beetle 1.8T will cost you 2300 more but that price includes ABS, leather, rear Porche-like spoiler(speed adjustable)and the new engine which adds 25% more power. According to AUTOMOBILE magazine, a V6 and cabriolet will follow. These cars are also the safest in their class, not to mention show-stopping styling.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    23,000 for one of those things????

    Well, to each his own!
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Thats 23 HUNDRED, not thousand, more. That moves the base price from 15,700 to 18,000. That includes the new engine, leather interior, ABS and speed sensitive spoiler. That's quite a nice deal.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Update to last post - also includes 17 inch tires!
  • zacharylauriezacharylaurie Member Posts: 51
    I still have a hard time believing that the new Beetle is worth $18,000. You can get a LOT of car from almost every other car company for this much money which will serve more practical needs. I guess if you can afford more than one car, this would be great to have for around town.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Think of the New Beetle 1.8T as a small German sports car, well equipped, with stunning looks, great handling, good 0-60 acceleration - safer than any of the other small cars previously mentioned here. Comparably equipped small coups from Japanese manufacturers would be equally as expensive. The only question is reliability - one thing the Japanese have in spades. I drive an 86 VW Cabriolet with over 200,000 miles - still runs great. I paid 16,500 for my car in 1986 - a very satisfied owner. If we were all just PRACTICAL - we would all drive Camrys.
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    zacharylaurie, $18,000 is more than some other comparable cars. The difference, I think, is the contents of the standard package. Take a look at the New Beetle stats. Most cars don't come with AC and some of the other extras that are built into the NB base price.

  • PBlackwellPBlackwell Member Posts: 4
    GOOD ACCELERATION IN THE NEW BEETLE???You must be joking 0-60 in 10.6 call that good? Wonder what you call a Corvette???E Mail me at Chris85.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Read the post again. I was referring to the New Beetle 1.8T covered in last months "Automobile" magazine. That car,scheduled for release this fall or early next spring,will give your Corvette a run for the money for about $18,000 base. People here are already preordering that model.
  • raytsuiraytsui Member Posts: 9
    The Beetle has the potential to be a great little sports car but it ain't going to give the Corvette a run for its money. In its Turbo 1.8T form, it is a great little sports coupe. With the simple addition of a aftermarket chip to safely boost turbo pressure, you can safely get 180 to 200HP easily. see for more info for the Turbo Beetle.

    Someone remarked that they had a hard time believing the car should cost $18000. But think of it as an Acura Integra GSR in an egg shape. Sure, you can buy other cars that give you more practicality, but does that mean it's not worth it? No!!! There are a lot more expensive cars that give you less for your money. Even if you ignore that fact that the Beetle sells on its looks, it is still a good deal on a purely sports car rating.
  • raytsuiraytsui Member Posts: 9
    I am still amazed to see that people judge the Beetle on its practicality and then say it's not worth it. My father in-law commented that its a ripoff because you can buy a Corolla for the same price (he's a fan of Toyotas). Oh, boy, does that miss the point. For him, cars are transportation. The Beetle is a statement unlike any other. You can buy a $80000 car and still not get the personality of the Beetle. And the Beetle is a good drive. You can compare it with any number of small sporty cars. For $15000+, you can get a car with air conditioning, 16 inch wheels, ABS, side airbags, enviable safety record, telescoping steering. Try to get that in a Honda Civic at any price.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Perhaps I should have clarified my post. The New Beetle 1.8T ain't gonna outrun a Corvette - obviously, but will give it a run for its money on value and appeal. I predict the New Beetle will be one of the most successful makes from VW ever and that the power trains will also include the V6 engine currently in the GLX Jetta. When that comes out, hold on to your shorts!
  • AndyLCAndyLC Member Posts: 1
    I have two main gripes with the New Beetle. For one, I could buy a '99 Golf and avoid all the attention (I really don't want that, esp. on the freeway ;), or I could buy a Mitsubishi Mirage LS Coupe w/pretty much the same equipment for about $2,000 less. What do you think?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350 could buy a Civic, and have Honda relialibility.....

    Oh, go ahead and flame me! Had to stir the pot!
  • FEHarperFEHarper Member Posts: 70
    Clearly a matter of personal taste. I think if you didn't wan't to be noticed, choose the Honda Civic or the Mirage - definitely ordinary cars - good values mind you - but ordinary. Wonder if that $2000 saved up front on the Mirage will be an offset at resale time though...
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    tut, tut, isellhondas. This is a no flame zone! :-)

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