Mazda 5: Shifter won't go out of Park and brakes light issues

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Yesterday I had an issue with my 5 where the cruise control just went off and wouldn't turn back on. Then I turned the car off and back on when I got home and it came back on like nothing happened. We then today went to leave the house and the shifter wouldn't leave the park position. I had to open the little compartment and release the it from park in order to drive the car. Then we noticed that the brake lights weren't coming on! ahhh!

I checked every fuse in both fuse boxes, and now am at a loss on what the issue may be. Anyone else ever run into this and what do you think may have caused it? Thanks!


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    My bet is that you have a faulty brake switch that is stuck or faulty. There is a switch that is mounted on the bracket where the gas, brake and clutch (if applicable) pedal mount to. This switch will be in line to where the brake pedal rest when not pressed or applied. The tension from the pedal spring keeps the pedal up and pressed against the switch (keeping the stop lights off). When you press the brake pedal the switch opens and turns on the stop lights. In conjuction with this, the switch also communicates with the interlock solenoid that is in the shifter assembly, meaning that if the brake pedal is not pressed the interlock solenoid will not release the shifter and will not move from park. So if you have a faulty brake switch, then it will not communicate with the interlock solenoid and will not tell it that you are pressing the brake pedal, therefore not releasing the shifter from park. I suggest you replace it and I bet both issues will be fixed. Let us know what happens.
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    Its been about a year since you made the post. I hope you are still around. I have an 07 Mazda5 with an AT and about 40,000 miles. Same thing happened to me yesterday for the first time. Could you let me know how this was resolved (if it was) and what the problem was?

    Thank you!!!!
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    I just had this issue last week and had it repaired. It in fact was the brake switch.
    Part #BN7N-66-490. It's like a $20 part.
    The dealership covered mine under warranty (after much hassle). Even if I were to pay for them to fix it, it would have been about $120.
    Just make sure that the switch gets adjusted properly. Mine was not adjusted properly & caused the brakes to lock up severely.
    Good luck.
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    I have an 06 mazda5 sport, with a 5spd manual. I too have had problems with my cruise and break lights just shutting off. I just replaced the break switch and it has not solved the problem. Im wondering if anybody has had this type of problem solved? Im at a complete loss and would like to point my mechanic in the right direction so i dont pay huge cash to have them find the problem.

    HELP!!!!! :cry:
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    Ok so my brake light are working now which is excellent. However my cruise control still stops working on its own until i shut the car off and turn it back on again.Anybody have any suggestions, or know where to get a 2006 mazda5 wiring diagram?
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    If I was to guess it sounds like the new switch was put too close to the break peddle and that the slightest movement ie over a small bump or even less might be triggering the cruise to turn off. I personally would have try touching the brake peddle with your finger and see if the brake lights turn off or you hear the solenoid in the shifter engage. Not saying they would not have installed it incorrectly but i bet they would have had a junior just install it. After installing the new switch it has to be rotated 45 degrees to fully seat it if he did not do that or there was even the tiniest bit in the way it might not been seated correctly.
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