Rear Coil Spring Spacer

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My Mazda 5 has almost 40,000 miles on it and my dealer tells me that the rear coil spring spacer is "out of place" and should be replaced.

Cost of part: $13
Cost of labor: $175

Can this part be replaced easily of does it actually require so much labor time? I get the feeling that the dealer is ripping me off. this a problem that will result in an unsafe vehicle or that will lead to huge problems if not fixed right away?

Thanks in advance.


  • vg33e powervg33e power Member Posts: 314
    The spacer they are referring to is probably on the top of the coil spring between it and the resting plate welded to the chasis. This is put in place mainly for noise dampening reasons. I'd say you can probably leave it alone unless you start getting noise coming from it or if you are wanting to save money but dont want to replace it yourself, then get a tire shop to do it probably for a little cheaper. Let us know what you do.
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