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2009 Lexus IS Convertible

ladyofthelakeladyofthelake Member Posts: 20
edited April 2014 in Lexus
I tried to search the discussions and could not find anyone talking about the upcoming Lexus IS Convertible. I have read it is slated for a late spring release in the US. Does anyone know what the US price point will be? Do you suppose it will base at roughly a little above the other IS models? We are in the market for a new 4 seater hardtop convertible with a little more luxury. We presently own the VW EOS which we have really enjoyed and plan to keep. Other than a few articles about the new IS Convertible's debut at the car shows (Paris, L. A.) I've found very little info. :confuse:


  • lynne88lynne88 Member Posts: 2
    Edmunds now has listed in the Lexus new car section as a 2010 release and estimate of $34,000 which strikes me as very low guestimate. Does anyone have any new information to add about this convertible? I'm most anxious myself to learn more about its release and intended price.
  • mshefmanmshefman Member Posts: 5
    I too am interested in this info. I contacted my local dealer this week and was told they should be in the showrooms in June 2009. They would not disclose a price. If anyone has any good info on this car, please let us know.
  • geechheemangeechheeman Member Posts: 6
    It appears Toyota has sent the Solara convertible over to Lexus.
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