93 Isuzu Rodeo exhaust y-pipe

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I have a '93 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L V-6 with an automatic transmission. VIN "V". I need the y-pipe that comes right before the catalytic converter & have been all over the internet with no success. This pipe has the braided flex hose built into it & a port for the O2 sensor as well. If anyone has any idea on how I can get one plz email me at [email protected] Thanks!


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    I had the same problem with the stainless flex coupling rotting away and the Y pipe still intact. No one could locate a replacement for the Y pipe which was just as well because it probably would have cost about six hundred bucks.

    I located a replacement high quality replacement flex coupling from:

    EPI Inc.
    2777 E.83rd Place
    Merrillville, In 46410
    (219)942 0069

    Just measure your old flex coupling, I think it is 2 in dia in-out and 8 or 10 in length. It has been a couple of years but I think the part # was 38-150.

    I ordered it over the phone and It cost around thirty to thirty-five dollars including shipping.

    Cut your old flex joint off the Y pipe (leaving enough on the pipe) to slide the new one on and either clamp it or have it welded and it looks like factory install. Saves lots of headaches and bucks. You dont even have to remove the Y pipe to repair it.

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