How to change Lexus RX 350 rear windshield wiper?

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I have RX350, Does anyone know how to remove and replace my rear windshield wiper.

thank you in advance


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    This is NOT as easy as it looks, I've done it a number of times on Toyota and Lexus and they are all the same. The best I can do is give you a link with the factory instructions (which are poor at best, but do work). I HIGHLY recommend you get the inserts from Lexus or Toyota so they fit right. All I can say, is read, read, read before you attempt this. BTW, If it were me I would purchase a complete blade from Lexus and always have one ready to swap if you use the rear a lot. Inserts are about $3 from Toyota, I don't have the part numbers handy but they are the same as the Highlander. Good Luck!

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    Simple. You raise the blade arm off the window until it locks in the upright position. You then pull the blade itself away from the arm until it unlocks from the arm. It kind of snaps in place. It's like bending your finger backwards. Reverse procedeure to install.

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