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Ford Expedition not blowing heat and clicking noise

I have a 2003 Expedition EB and when I go to take the kids in the morning the heat will not blow for at least 25 mins. You can hear it blowing but nothing comes out. Anyone know what might be wrong.

I also have a clicking or thunking noise coming from the back around the 3rd row area. It seems to make different sounds as to what the temp is turned on, on the rear control.

I have an extended warrenty on the car, bumper to bumper, so it should be covered. I would just like to take it in knowing something about it.


  • I have worked on Fords for many years and I know that many of the ones with electronic climate control have an electric blend door that opens and closes between the heat and cold air to get the temp right. I have seen them jam and click over and over and then sometimes start working. Then again our towncar never starting working again and only clicked and it was cold. I purchased the blend actuator motor at Lincolm Mercury (FORD) for $38.00 of so and removed the dash to install in a few hours at our home. Lincoln Mercury wanted $700.00 something to fix. Worked fine after the repair and a few beers.
  • There are two blend doors for the rear air / heat, both of which are on the passenger side under the rear quarter window. it is typically the actuator that breaks on these as opposed to the blend door axle that breaks in the front requiring the removal of the dash. One is very simple to get, the other is a little tougher. To see if you have the simple one remove the "change tray" under the p/s quarter window. there is a small being box right on top of the wheel well. Unclip the electrical connector. If the noise stops, that is the broken one and it is a 3 bolts to remove and replace.
  • hello, where is the second actuator "tougher one" located? do you know the price for each?
  • It is within that same trim panel, but it is further forward and slightly around the front of the wheel well. Some people have posted that they have been able to make the replacement without taking off the trim panel. If you have to take the panel off it is a big job - you have to start at the back hatch and take off the threshold and move forward from there. You will also need to remove the seat belt attachment at the second row I think. The part itself is cheap - I got mine for $25 including shipping. They are different part numbers, so you need to make sure you get the correct one.
  • where is the frnt heating and air climate control located and what is there to change out? The back works fine.
  • Can you tell me where to get the part? Ford wants 500.00 for one.
  • You must be talking past the guy about different things. The blend door actuators range in price from $25 to $50 depending on where you get them. They must be quoting you some other part. I got mine on line form a Ford delaer for $25.
  • i bought a thing that went on top of the housing that looks a little like a tape cassette and i still have the clicking noise deeper down inside the housing. Do you know what this part maybe that is clicking now?
  • There are two of those - one controls floor to ceiling mix, and one controls hot cold mix. The floor to ceiling one is the one on top, the hot cold one is the one that is down lower. Same size part, often times it is a differnet part number for the second one becuase the axles are slightly different. It is lower and forward of the first. I have read that some people have done it with the trim in place through the change tray and cup holders, others have opted to take all the trim off from the hatch opening forward.
  • I wanted to give you a big THANKS. It was the 2nd one down lower. Replaced the top and still had noise. Pulled off cover to see the 2nd one and when my son unplugged it the noise stopped. You are also right about a different axle on both of them. So my total was 46.35 to fix and not the 501.00 plus labor at Ford.
    I really can't say THANKS enough. You are wonderful.
  • Glad to save someone a few bucks, someone saved me the money 2 years ago, so I was able to pass it along.
  • 2003 ford explorer. air conditioner works great but when i switch over to heater it just makes a clicking noise and blows air.?
  • HI again
    I am hoping someone can help me figure out what sounds like a loud pop in the exhaust when you start the expedition and let it warm up. Sounds like expansion and contraction pops?????
    It is towards the rear of the car.
    alwaysford2 helped me so much when the heater in the rear stopped. I am hoping someone can help me with this annoying noise.
  • cmp48cmp48 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    The passenger heater blows but not hot. The rear works fine on the passenger

    side. I know you have had threads about this before but I can't find the

    location of the blend door and what I have to do to replace it. From what I

    have read this is probably my problem. Thanks for your input.
  • The blend door is behind the dash. To fix it you need to remove the dash or use something like the Heater Treater that goes in through the back of the glove box
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