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95 olds aurora Idle problems

ChilliGeorgeChilliGeorge Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Oldsmobile
Hello i have a 95 olds aurora 4.0 that will not idle below 3000 rpms this just started today any ideas of what may have happend and how to fix


  • On the 95 Olds Aurora where is the ERG valve located on the transmission
  • When the low oil pressure lite comes on when I come to a stop, does that mean I need a new oil pump. I have taken my car to the shop and had it serviced, but that indicator lite still comes on. If so where is the oil pump located and can I do the job.
  • what can be the problem when it's idled to high?
  • Ruff,

    Probably not. The pressure sender is often the culprit. They cost about $25; buy only ACDelco. It is a black cylinder about the size of a roll of quarters located near the oil filter.

    If you have to ask where the oil pump is, do not consider replacing it yourself.

    Hope this helps.

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