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VW Golf Wolfsburg

Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
edited May 2014 in Volkswagen
Does anyone have any info on price and equipment
for the new Wolfsburg Golf model? They've got a
page for it on the VW USA site, but I can't find
any info for it elsewhere, and the site seems to
have the feature list for the VR6 in place of the
one for the Wolfsburg. I've seen stuff at dealers
for the Jetta Wolfsburg, but not the golf. I
bought a loaded GL about 6 months ago to replace a
neon and love it. Not a lick of trouble with the
car, compared to averaging two trips to the dealer
a month for the year and a half I had the neon.
Anyway, the Wolfsburg looks like a sweet deal and
I'm wondering if I should have waited. Carlady?
Does edmonds know anything about this model?

Jon Pettibone


  • ksagmoenksagmoen Posts: 1
    I asked a Massachusetts dealer about the
    Wolfsburg edition. He said that a corporate
    decision was made to wait until the new Golfs
    come out in 1999 instead of offering a 1998
    Golf Wolfsburg.

    I don't know if he just didn't want to carry
    them in his dealership or not... but he seemed
    to be the sales manager so I'm assuming he's
    plugged into the correct information sources.

    It's really too bad -- I was looking forward to
    getting a Wolfsburg! :(
  • Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
    That is unfortunate. The price is great for what you get, not to mention that most of the stuff on it you normally cannot get on a golf. On the jetta wolfsburg, you can get all that stuff on other models. But you can't get most of the equipment on the Golf Wolfsburg on an american market 4 door golf. That, and the price is within $50 of what the msrp of my golf was while having so much more equipment (execpt AT). Thanks for the info- I'm afraid I believe it. If only most of america knew that the golf was pretty much the same car as the Jetta inside and out, save for the trunk. I expect that people think the golf is a lot cheaper in materials and quality and thus avoid it.

  • RojareynRojareyn Posts: 7
    I've done some searching around and both Kelly Blue Book ( and Intellichoice ( have information on the Wolfsburg Edition Golf.

    The lowdown is that the MSRP on the WB Golf (with convenience package) is $16,400 - roughly $1200 less than the Jetta WB.

    On a personal note, I hope VW goes ahead and markets this car since it's got Cruise Control as an option. A Golf would better suit my needs and budget but my roommate got my spoiled on cruise ;)

    Chris aka Roj
  • Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
    I found out that you can add cruise control at the dealer after you buy the car for about $270 + labor. I might do that someday. Would have gotten the car with it if it were possible. On a lighter note, local VW dealer puts pin stripes and all sorts of silly detailing stripes on their new Golfs. They look really silly- kind of like those "sport" ford Aspires. Glad I got mine up north.

  • holdencholdenc Posts: 2
    I don't knoe if this matters but there are a few 98 WB Golfs up here in toronto I am looking into purchasing one but theye were all overpriced everywhere I looked
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Here's the latest info on the 1999 VW Golf Wolfsburg Edition. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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