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Help removing a factory installed brush guard

LightningmikeLightningmike Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Land Rover
Looking for osme insight or help. I decided to remove the RR factory brush guard off my 2004 model. There 2 holes where the 4 bolts went into the front bumper to secure guard. Does anyone know if they make anything to fill those bolt holes in the bumper? Assuming RR installed it when it was new, the did cut the bumper in order to get the brush guard to flush mount to bumper. I know the parking sensors go back into there original holes in bumper.

Any ideas or a part that RR makes for it?


  • As far as I know, nothing goes in there - they drill those into the plastic.. You could try picking up some generic plastic blanks that are the same size or so...

    Why are you removing it, if I may ask?
  • Thanks, it didn't look like there would be a factory part to fill those two holes, especially since the holes are rough around edges. I may need to have a piece of plastic made.

    The RR is a 2004 and in in mint conidtion, silver paint. The brush guard just looks weathered compared to the rest of the vehicle.
  • Is it the steel one that has a plasticized cover? It would probably be worth your while to have it stripped and recoated.. there are a lot fo places that do recoatings for things like that... probably only cost you a hundred or so, and it would look like new...

    Brush bars really make the look on a RR - you'll miss it, I bet.
  • That's a good idea. I do have the one you are referencing. I guess i have never heard of refinishing something like that, i will have to do some checking around?

    What kind of places would do that? Body Shop?

    I do like the look, just not in the condition it is in.
  • A body shop would be the right place to start. Depending on the condition, it may only need a repaint... if it's banged up, it may need a recoat - or anything in between...

    I have a NAS D90, and the rollbar was rusty right above the windshield... luckily, it's a multiple-piece rollbar, so I unbolted it, took it up to a local trusty body shop I've been dealing with for years, and had them grind it down and build up the paint on just that section... you would never know it has been repaired.

    If it's in good shape physically, you may be able to do it yourself, by cleaning it with some degreaser, giving it a good plastic primer spray and then spraying it yourself...

    It all depends on if the plasticized coating is intact or not..?
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