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Nissan Rogue revs question

lonfranklonfrank Member Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Nissan
why does revs double w/o od on?? example: 60mph/revs @ 20k, click od off revs go to 4000!!! @ 30mphrevs @ 15k no od revs go to 30k. dealer sez this is normal. i doubt it. please help. lon frank


  • captain2captain2 Member Posts: 3,971
    you'll have to explain what you are calling 'OD'. My 08 SL AWD has no such OD switch - as traditional automatics generally do. If you mean leaving the tranny in auto mode (right side of the the shifter gate) I turn just short of 2000 rpm at 60 but does turn 2500 when the shifter is pushed left into the 'manual' mode - when it shows 6th gear on the dash indicator. Effectively the CVT seems to have a '7th' gear when left in auto mode. Is this what you are calling overdrive??
    The CVT does not have gears (or FTM overdrive) in a traditional sense TBMK - only computer selections based on how you are driving the car. If you are turning 4 grand at 60, it would seem to me that your tranny gear indicator shold be reading 5th (or even 4th) when it does?
  • lonfranklonfrank Member Posts: 4
    for the last 40yrs od has always been OVERDRIVE. what's a tranny or is it trannie??? thanks, lon frank
  • captain2captain2 Member Posts: 3,971
    tranny or trannie I don't believe you find either in Webster's. OD can certainly have other meanings - but then I don't understand the point of your post. My Rogue has no 'OD on/off' button, my question was what exactly are you calling overdrive on the CVT equipped Rogue??
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Member Posts: 102
    The base model SL does not have paddle shifters, or a gated shifter. It does have drive and low on the shifter and does have an O/D button on the handle. Nissan Rogue Owners Manual page 5-15.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Member Posts: 102
    Use the overdrive off mode when you need
    improved engine braking.

    Nissan Owners Manual page 5-15
  • captain2captain2 Member Posts: 3,971
    OK that's fine - mine a loaded SL AWD, which does have the paddles (that I find no reason to use) as well as the +/- gated shifter - but nothing specific for OD, which was my question for the originator of this thread. Doubling engines revs though would seem to be 'way over the top' though , since gear 'selections' on the CVT are electronic, it would seem logical that all Rogues so equipped would do the same thing?
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Member Posts: 102
    I understand... I have the base model SL FWD like the original poster. There is no reason to turn off the O/D or put the shifter in low unless your are stuck in mud or snow IMHO.
  • rivvyrivvy Member Posts: 2
    Having not bought a vehicle in 15 yrs i have no idea what a lot of the stuff on the rogue is for especially the paddles, i now drive a 94 jeep and am looking at the rogue to replace it..i've figured out the cvt but not much else, and also have a worry about the visibility on the rogue through the rear window..thanks
  • lonfranklonfrank Member Posts: 4
    great car!!!! bought in april, has 20,000. cvt is great. paddles are useless(but we don't have 'em). paddles are for race cars & standard trans. rear vision could be a problem but has not been. we take special care changing lanes or turning right. get 26-27 around town & 30mpg on interstate. goodluck, lonfrank
  • kcabkcab Member Posts: 10
    It seems that this transmission over revs, in 6th gear/OD at 60mph I'm turning over 2000 rpm, this seems kind of high for being in OD. It also seems to like to get into the highest gear when I'm driving on a secondary/neighborhood street at 25-30mph it will get into 5th where 4th or 3rd would be a more appropriate gear. That is where the paddles are useful you can manually override the gear, and I use mine often, especially when I'm moving onto an expressway, its seems to work better for me to drop down a gear and not have to push the pedal to the metal.
  • dajanidajani Member Posts: 10
    I bought my Rogue S FWD brand new with 33 miles on it back in August 2008. The car drives nice and smooth except for one weak point. The rpm shoots up to 4000 when going up the road and goes down as it picks up speed. The Rogue does not have the pick up power to go up hills, it drives fine on flat roads, it feels like the tranny is slipping. I contacted the service dept at the dealership where i purchased the vehicle, but they said they cannot do anything about it. Few days ago, and with 6000 miles on the vehicle I traded the Rogue with Nissan Altima SE V6. I took a a big loss trading the Rogue with the Altima. There is a big difference between the way the Altima V6 CVT and the Rogue drives. I wish I bought back then a Honda CRV crossover SUV or a Toyota RAV with 5 SPEED AT. Does any body experience this kind of a problem?
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Member Posts: 102
    2008 Nissan Rogue SL base model. Bought it in November 2007 and I'm fixing to hit 36000 miles. I have had zero problems with my Rogue. No problems going up and down the rolling hills of north east Georgia. :D
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