Certified Pre-owned Land Rover?

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I'm thinking of purchasing a LR3, LR2 (when avaliable), or if I'm lucky RR Sport. Since the economy is tanking and SUVs are taboo- prices have dropped considerable I've seen between 19k and 27K. (LR3) Suggestions I've heard are:
1.Don't buy the first year of production
2. Find with lowest miles possible and get rid of it before warranty expires.
3.Avoid a V-6 (LR3)
4. Buy an extended warranty.
A LR salesman mentioned a third party warranty might be better because I can go anywhere for repairs vs. the certified extended warranty. Does certified warranty cover everything- (like a bumper to bumper would) but with a $100 deductible per visit? What if I take it off road and blow a rod/axle or something? Is it covered? I'm worried about big repair costs. Is the routine maintenance coverage transferrable to a CPO? Can I lease a Certified Preowned? Does anyone have an hindsight they could share? Thanks!


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    You may want to have a look at Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

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    I'm cynical, but I suspect that the salesperson gets a bigger commission on an aftermarket extended warranty instead of the Land Rover backed one. There's a lot of profit built into extended warranties, so be sure to haggle on the price of those too.

    More links:

    Extended Warranties

    and you probably saw this one:

    Land Rover Extended Warranty
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    "6-year/75,000-mile limited warranty. Under the Land Rover Certified limited warranty, your Land Rover vehicle will be covered for 6 years or 75,000 miles, whichever comes first. Coverage begins on the vehicle´s original in-service date and zero miles. Plus you´ll have the option to purchase 12 or 24 months of extended coverage."

    http://www.landroverusa.com/us/en/Vehicles/Certified_Pre_Owned/Warranty_and_Assi- stance.htm

    How much it costs? What is the details for that?
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    first off im a certified land rover master technician , the LR3 V 6 regaurdless of what tou heard is the best almost no isues with this model ,, But the sport is realy Nicer i love the sport . But if you want some thing more simple and sound LR3 v6 is best if you can find one
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    Look at the huge overhang of 2008 LR3s vs. used. I'm seeing 07's and used 08's in the $25k-$30k range all over Autotrader. With MILES. Having shopped, I'm seeing $15+ cash discounts off MSRP. Problem is finding one with adequate equipment. Loads of black and silver LR3s if you like that out there but few with NAV/TECH package or Xenons. I'm having to go out of state for sure.
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    mastertech73 - Being an LR Master Tech, would you rather own / work on an '01-'03 Disco II or an '06-'08 LR3? I'm in the market for a daily driver and weekend off-roader and while I'd love to get the LR3 (I already own an '08 LR2), I've heard that the air suspension has given some mechanical troubles in the past.

    The Disco II is a tried and true vehicle both on and off road and, I believe, has less electronics to go wrong than the LR3. I have a good friend who leased an '07 LR3 and was ready to go thru California's Lemon Law, until LR paid about $4500 in his lease payments for all of his trouble. Plus, it's nice to get a used Disco II for about 3/4 the price of a used LR3.

    Which vehicle is easier to work on, which one is better equipped (stock) as a weekend off-roader, and which one is more expensive to maintain when something breaks? I'm assuming the LR3 is more $$$ because of the added electronics. I've also heard that it's next to impossible to work/upgrade the suspension in the LR3 because of the air suspension???

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    Hi Mastertech73,

    Are you still about ? Have a question or would love your opinion on the RRS 2010 ? Is CPO, but not sure what that means ?

    Are you still working on LR's ?
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    CPO refers to Certified Pre-Owned Cars.

    CPO isn't the be all and end all though.
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