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Cadillac SRX engine whine

budget1budget1 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Cadillac
We have a SRX that we really like, its just got a whine in the engine thats hard for me to dismiss.
Is there anyone out there that knows what I mean?


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    bayoucajunbayoucajun Member Posts: 1
    Wow, do I know about the engine whine. I have been complaining about it for some time and they "think" that it is the dreaded timing chain issue that SRX's are plagued with.

    Getting the chain(s) on my 2006 SRX replaced now and will follow up with an update.
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    djt2020djt2020 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 05 srx and having the same issue. How was your problem resolved?
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    maxpdmaxpd Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    The problem with that is that I did not have the $1800 he wanted to replace the timing chain. I only took the car in because there was a coupon for an oil change. I'm lucky to have gotten a nice car passed down to me from my mom but she never had problems with it and I can't really afford them. So I bought an extended warranty right after and I've got 200 miles to go before I can get it serviced. It's a 2005 and I'm hoping it makes it. Right now no unusual sounds and it runs great still. How can I drive her easy to get to that 200 mile marker? Any mechanics out there?
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