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Buying a Used Murano

jackbutajackbuta Member Posts: 3
edited August 2014 in Nissan
Can someone please provide some guidance on buying a used 2007 Murano SL. Would it be a good car to buy for 22K. It only has 27K miles on it. I would like to know specifically the following

1) Is the price right?
2) What should I look for, mechanically, and electronics wise, for any problems.
3) What kind of warranty should I get

I have been browsing through this forum for a week and am a bit scared to buy a Murano, more so buying a USED Murano.


  • johnclarkjohnclark Member Posts: 4

    After a lot of research, and some test drives, I had decided to go ahead and purchase a one year old, 2007 Nissan Murano, with 10k left on the warranty, tomorrow.

    I need a solid, reliable all wheel drive small SUV for about 65% of my yearly driving. I have a summer vehicle, but need the SUV for all winter driving between say, November 15th, through April 15th, and for a couple of days a week of general use the rest of the year. I will probably average 10k mile per year. I live in a snowy, hilly area, so the SUV is very important for that reason.

    My choice of the Murano was based on almost overwhelmingly positive road tests, making the Consumers Report list of recommended used cars, as well as the following link showing it to be rated number one, overall, among small/medium SUV's. This was "based on U.S. News editors' analysis of 35 leading automotive reviews and test drives"


    After seeing all of the posts about transmission failures here, I am now wondering if going ahead with this purchase would be a mistake.

    I have the option of purchasing an extended warranty from Nissan for $1500.00 when the current warranty runs out. Wouldnt that cover any transmission repairs should they occur?

    I would apreciate your advice on whether your ecommend going ahead with the purchase of the 2007 Murano. Thanks.

  • johnclarkjohnclark Member Posts: 4
  • johnclarkjohnclark Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for your help.
  • george78george78 Member Posts: 13
    As far as the warranty goes the basic one covers 3 years and 36k miles. The warranty on the powertrain is 5 years and 60k miles.

    I've read the same things about the transmission failures. I would like to believe it's a very small percentage of Muranos that have this problem and that it has been rectified since the car debuted in 2003.

    Go with your gut on this one.
  • johnclarkjohnclark Member Posts: 4
    Thanks George
  • bmr123bmr123 Member Posts: 60
    Depends on the price. They should throw that extended warranty in with the deal.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    The price is too high. 09's are wholesaling for 21k. If you don't need awd you can come close to that 07 price on an 09. Your payments will not be much more. The murano is top rated in buyer satisfaction by consumer reports so you will likely be happy with one. Where do you live?
  • jackbutajackbuta Member Posts: 3
    I live in Texas. Sometimes it rains like hell here so that's one time when the AWD might be handy, but I can live without it. Its all this talk of transmission failures, and engine mount failures etc that are starting to spook me
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Go with an 09. People worry too much about reliability issues. All car lines have lemons. Consumer reports will recommend cars with 0-1 % complaints and scratch cars with as little as 3% problems. I wouldn't bother with awd in texas --fwd will be fine --just make sure you have good tires. How much do you want to spend on a vehicle and how fussy are you on style, size etc.?
  • jackbutajackbuta Member Posts: 3
    I really want to stay below 21K all together (car price + TTL + warranty) but the dealers seem to think that is a joke. To be honest I don't know whats a good price to expect.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    go domestic. There are some awsome deals. How big a unit do you need? Leather, moonroof, etc or is cloth ok? Bigger suv's -- durango & aspen get about 15 mpg ave but you can save big on one with less than 5k. My son bought a used durango last year 07 and it's a great car -- no problems. The jeep grand cherokee is a bit smaller -- the 08's are much improved. Late model highlanders fwd are well under 20k if you don't want leather. Have you checked ebay listings? There are a lot of nice cars being sold out of texas.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Just went online and found a 08 highlander 4x4 with 18k miles in weatherford texas for $19943 at a toyota dealer. This is an internet price so if you call 888-819-4281 mention that you want the internet sales dept. If you have time you can find deals like this with a little effort. Still under warranty and with toyotas I wouldn't even get the extended warranty -- probably never come close to getting your $ back.
    Also found an 08 murano S awd with 18k miles at Bankston Nissan dark blue in Irving for $19994.
    You can shop from home and avoid the dealers laughing in your face. Only deal with internet departments and you save easy.
  • matthewhudakmatthewhudak Member Posts: 1
    Price is too high...obviously it's a buyers market so be picky and don't be afraid to low ball the seller...epecially dealerships.

    Don't be scared about buying a used Murano, keep in people only come to sites like this with probs...there are thousands that don't have to cause their car is fine.

    My research showed that AWD is way more likely to have trans problems.

    I just bought an 05 with only 32K miles and I paid $13,950. So your deal is $8,000 more for 5 less thousand miles and 2 years. In my opinion it's not worth it. Rule of thumb is $1,000 for every 10K miles. Plus 05 and 07 is same across board with very minor interior changes.
    Good luck.
  • kmausskmauss Member Posts: 72
    Hi there. I am just starting the process of looking around for my next vehicle when my Impala lease runs out. I still have almost a year on this lease, so I am in absolutely no hurry. What I have in mind is a midsize crossover/SUV, but my budget is likely to be very limited.

    I've liked the looks of the Murano for some years, and finally the other day I drove one and I absolutely LOVED it. I know purchasing a brand new one is utterly out of the question. Leasing one may be a possibility, but I'd have to think long and hard before I went that route.

    Were I to contemplate buying one that was three or four years old with say 40-50K miles on it, that is actually getting down into a price range I can afford. Are there any common issues/ problems to watch out for one one of that age? From everything I've looked at they seem to have outstanding overall dependability ratings.

    Many thanks for any input. :)
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    The asking prices for used muranos are outrageous. Don't know what they actually sell for.
  • kmausskmauss Member Posts: 72
    I tend to agree! I have seen some crazy prices even for used ones. They can't be THAT good.
  • econtre1econtre1 Member Posts: 9
    I am currently at the end of my 2006 Murano SL (November 15), and I am also looking to purchase an 06 Murano. Unfortunately, buying my lease is a big NO NO, so I am in search of someone elses off-lease Murano. I also agree with other posts, that asking prices are high for this vehicle. To the point that I am starting to look in other directions, perhaps a Nissan Pathfinder instead. That being said, I can say that I am not surprised by the asking prices. I leave in Tampa, FL and this vehicle has been everything I have come to expect from Japan's big three. For all of those out there worrying about their reliabilty, I can assure you do not have anything to fear. I have been leasing for the past 15 years and this is my third lease with Nissan. This is the first time, I have ever leased a vehicle past 36 months and well beyond the basic warranty for both time and miles. I only did it because it was a Nissan. As with all my previous leases, this vehicle never saw the inside of a repair shop. I never purchase extended warranties and I only lease/own Hondas/Acuras, Nissans, and Toyotas. Sorry, I would love to say the same about american companies, but I learned the hard way during my younger driving days of Ford/GM cars. As an american, I am amazed everytime I see comercials of Ford/GM comparing its quality to that of Toyota. One would say, how did it come to this? Simple, while the Japanese was making very reliable cars to break into the US market, our CEO's were looking for ways to squeeze every penny we earned by making unreliable cars. They deserve everythig is happening to them. Sorry, I wonder off a bit... I am not saying that these japanese automakers are perfect, but one thing their cars are is reliable!
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    I suggest you check out the first heading in the Murano forum. Lots of problems with the CVT.
  • dkk4dkk4 Member Posts: 2
    I drove a 2006 Murano and I loved it, but after reading some of the discussions here I am thinking I shouldn't buy it. The car has a lot of miles on it - 68K, but it is in my price range and appears to be in great shape. Any advise? Debra
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Member Posts: 53
    A 2006 Murano with 68K on it would give me pause. I'd look for a 2007 with a lot less miles and a very careful going over, particularly with regards to the head gasket and valve cover as far as leaks. Observe tailpipe emissions carefully. Avoid the AWD models and stick with the FWD models.
  • dkk4dkk4 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you! I appreciate the information. I think the 07 is out of my price range though. I was originally looking at Rav4, Santa Fe, and Highlanders, but drove a Murano and fell in love with how it felt. Back to reality now - again thanks for the help.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    I do not recommend anyone buying a used 2003-2007 1st Gen Murano. That was the very first model Nissan put their new CVT into and there has been a lot of problems with the 1st Gen CVT in the Murano's with failing, etc and you don't want that headache!

    I would only at this point recommend a 2009-current Murano since that had the updated 2nd Gen CVT put into it, which supposedly has a lot of the kinks/problems the 1st Gen CVT had. I have the 2nd Gen CVT in my 2010 Maxima and thus far it has performed flawless.
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Member Posts: 53
    I hear what you are saying- but there is a drastic difference between a 2003 Murano and a 2007 - there was a very large number of technical service bulletins and recalls between 2003 and 2005--all of which went into changes in the 2007 model year.

    I am just noting this. In reality, unless someone knows a Murano's history, I wouldn't buy a used Murano for any reason - but thats just a personal opinion obviously not shared by most folks. Just my two cents.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    I understand what your saying, I personally wouldn't buy a used Murano either, but I have read more than just a few 2007 CVT failures, etc on 2007s so it went well past 2005! I've reads dozens if not hundreds of people claiming CVT failures!

    Despite having the 10yr/120k mile warranty extension on the CVT by Nissan, some people, as pointed out on edmunds, are still having problems getting their money back for their CVT repairs if they happened before the warranty extension!
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Member Posts: 53
    Fair point you are making. There is an online site that is monitoring repair frequencies year by year with Muranos ( I am part of the data pool for the 2010 Muranos). You can see a big difference between the 2007 and the 2006. 2006 was a particularly bad year apparently. 2005 was actually better. 2003 was a real mess.

    Anyway, my sense is that the 2010s have the CVT perfected or close to it and now a redesign is needed to better match the actual combustion engine to the CVT and fix the transfer case design on the AWD models.

    I think if Nissan minimizes transfer case problems and redesigns the head gasket/ valve cover proclivities to failure, all of a sudden, this car becomes as reliable as anything out there, saving for the usual minor annoyances all cars tend to have now and again.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Well right now, my 2010 Maxima, the Murano's, Altima's, etc all have the updated 2nd Gen CVT in them which is so far having considerably less problems and kinks that the 1st Gen CVT did.

    If you think this CVT is refined and more efficient wait a few years when Nissan introduces the updated and even better 3rd Gen CVT; the 3rd Gen CVT will most likely get rid of the loud rev drones during acceleration that even our current ones have and be even more fuel efficient because Nissan will at that time be designing their engines around the CVT rather than putting a new transmission into already established Nissan engines!

    Problem is though, we have to wait and see with our 2nd Gen CVTs in the 09-10 models if they start going out at 60-90k miles or if Nissan finally got rid of that problem with this generation? will have to wait and see, but with Nissan extending the warranty to 10yrs/120k miles for the CVT and its component parts, you know that Nissan is not backing down from the CVT and this is the direction they are going with!
  • burger3burger3 Member Posts: 2
    almost bought a 04 murano. 68,000 miles, almost $16,000.00. thanks to every one on this post. passed on buying. to many trouble with ctv. looking at sanafe. thanks jack
  • burger3burger3 Member Posts: 2
    i would thing twice before buyinga murano. maintenance is way to high. look into a santa fe gsl. save some money .
  • euespinosaeuespinosa Member Posts: 2
    Test Drove 07 Murano. First battery dead Second keyless entry dead. Finally got it started. The SUV felt like lead(dead weight). Gave it Gas and it was the heaviest Car to get started no pick up and go. When i lifted my foot off the gas it felt like i was applying the brakes ( I wasn't) It started to slow down as if i was braking. No The Emergency brake was off. I know better i looked. Check Engine lite was on too. Was told i have to get use to the car feel and the check engine was a matter of switch it off. Not buying that. Was it because the car is heavier? I have driven a hummer and it didn't have that drag. Was told the car was sitting in lot and the lights must been on. and that it needed to be worked in. It was 30,800 mi 1 owner and it looks good. Is it me? Any ideas Does it have something to do with fuel injection ?
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Member Posts: 53

    there is a known issue than come up with a transmission valve in this car, both for model and year. it is somewhat rare but not unheard of by any means. it sounds like that problem exactly. its a warranty repair but i wouldn't buy a used one with that issue, when most used Muranos don't have this at all. My 2010 is a rocket ship.
  • jc2010jc2010 Member Posts: 31
    DON'T DO IT. THE CVT SUCKS!!!! The extended warranty is proof of that alone. I bought a 2010 rogue and the CVT crapped out on me on my way home from vacation. We got stuck overnight. They're replacing it at 3000 miles...but this was with hassle. I'm worried about getting it back to be honest. It is not safe when your vehicle loses acceleration on a highway after slowing down to pay a toll or when you pull off the highway to fill up and try to get back onto the highway only to not have any power.
  • jeep53jeep53 Member Posts: 49
    My lease will be up in a few months on my 2008 Nissan Sentra. It's actually been a very good car. But I miss driving an SUV. I had Jeeps for about 10 years but got tired of how rough they drove and the problems they had. I'm now interested in buying an SUV that drives like a car. The reviews I've read on the Murano have been pretty good. Of course, there's pros and cons about every car out there. I'm looking for a midsize, comfortable and nice riding SUV. I'm thinking about a loaded 2007 as opposed to a 2009 or '10, which would cost much more. Any input anyone has would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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