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The New GOLF-follow me

fhinneyfhinney Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Volkswagen
well here it is folks. but this time its an
english site. Go to to learn
about the all new 1999 VW Golf. damn i want one!!
now only if i could find out when they arrive



  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Check out the list of engines for the UK, it's huge:

    1.9 Diesel
    1.8 Audi (5V) 125 hp
    1.8 Audi Turbo 150 hp
    2.0 VW (8V) 115 hp
    2.0 VW (16V) 150 hp
    2.3 VW (VR5?!) 150 hp
    (This one is derived from the 2.8 VR6, and will probably stay as a six in the US market)

    Plus a couple of micro-motors for the Tax-Hungry EU (1.4, 1.6 good engines, too, all 16 Valve DOHC. 1.4 is all aluminum)

    This looks like a lot more choices than I would have predicted 6 months ago. I've got my eye on the new 2-door Jetta, it's pretty sweet looking, even if it isn't a hatch. Maybe Carlady and I will revert to a 1-hatch family. Lemme see, last time I had a FOX and she had a GOLF, hmmmh...

  • indexindex Posts: 2
    According to what I read on the vwvortex web page, 1999 Golfs in North America will be sold with a 2.0 L, 115 HP gas engine or the 1.9 L TDI. The GTI will also have the 2.0 L 4 cyl gas engine and a 2.8 L VR6 engine making 172 HP. I think they said they will put them on sale beginning in calendar year 1999. Let's see what REALLY happens. VW = varies widely. Now, if I could only get my wife to drive a stick...
  • peenjaypeenjay Posts: 1
    Like several people who are currently thinking of buying a VW Golf, I am also considering waiting for the 1999 model. Has anyone heard if the price of the new Golf would be considerably higher than the current model's? According to the website, the 1999 Golf would have standard ABS. Also, does anyone have an opinion about the redesigned headlights? Personally, I like the current version better, although my husband says otherwise.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    Does anyone know when the Golf 4 and the Jetta 4 are coming out in the U.S.?

    The Golf 4 has really become Audi-ized. I think the current Golf 3 will the last true VW Golf.

    The Jetta 4 is looking really NICE from the spy pics I've seen. Can't wait for it!
  • I'm looking to pick up a GTI in eastern Ontario. Can anyone update me on how a gti performs in heavy snow (or even light snow, we get that sometimes). What about the tires?
  • SWCSWC Posts: 10

    Like many Front WD cars, the GTI does just fine in heavy snow, depending on the tires. The stock all seasons are great for poor weather conditions, but they don't allow this car to deliver its full handling potential on dry pavement. With the VR6 you get traction control, which makes winter driving a breeze. Ground clearance is adequate on both models, so you won't find yourself plowing snow with your spoiler! Unless you're used to an SUV, the GTI will leave you with no buyer's remorse in the dead of winter!
  • Bahman,

    Check out the following topic in Sedans. There's a lot of tire talk (;^)

    Do the BMWs handle well in snow?

    Or here:

    GS 300 or BMW 528i - Do they go in the Snow?

    Bruce. Sedans co-host.
  • GuyP,

    What do you think of the Jetta (Bora) coupe. I'm drooling....and hoping!

    I have heard a lot of talk about the handling on the Mark IVs being "disconnected" from the road. This is a very bad thing for me. I guess I understand VW trying to take the Golf/Jetta up-market. This has been an ongoing effort since day one. But I wish they would bring out a smaller, cruder(?) car that could be fashioned into a go-kart. My VW Fox was like that, small and light with suspension pieces from the Audi 4000. FUN, FUN, FUN to drive.

    OBTW, I was VERY disappointed in the coverage by European Car in the lates issue Re. the Mark IV. A very lightweight article, I expected more from them.

  • SWCSWC Posts: 10
    I just read in Autoweek that the new Jetta is due to arrive in November. The Golf will arrive about three weeks after the Jetta. Finally!!!
  • I saw the new Golfs while vacationing in Italy. They don't seem much bigger than the current GIII. The edges are much rounder and the taillights more aggressively styled. As for the mechanicals, check out the VW New Beetle.
  • I've seen several references on this site to the new 1999 A4 GTI. Does this mean that the new 1999 GTIs and Golfs will be based on the current Audi A4 platform and its great FWD handling characteristics? Or is this just identifying it as the fourth generation Golf or MkIV?

    Does anyone know?

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    The next (current in Europe) generation Golf is generally called A4 because it is is the "A" series chassis(FWIW, the Passat is "B" series) and is the 4th generation of that chassis. These are all internal (VW corporate) designations. The confusing thing is that Audi started using a similar (external, market) designation for their cars. It's even worse, since the new VW Golf (A4) platform was first used on the Audi A3 model which is only being sold in Europe (as a hatchback).

    Confusing, no?

    Bruce. your Sedans co-host.
  • Bruce,

    Thanks for the clarification.
    So the A4 (VW) is NOT the A4 (Audi) but really the A3 (Audi).
    I think I've got that right.
    (They probably couldn't confuse the consumer more if they tried.)
    I've seen an A3 here in the U.S. (w/ Diplomatic plates) and I love it!!
    Does anyone know if Audi will EVER export the A3 to the U.S.? (the Audi A3, that is)
    Wonder if a writing campaign would have any effect.

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    Unfortunately, the hatchback is seen as a "cheap" class of car here in the US, since it was originally conceived to maximize the useful interior space of a very small car (the Austin Mini). Here in the US, where everything is BIIIG, why would anyone with real money buy a small car. Oh, right, "Only poor people buy small cars."

    So, Audi will probably NOT bring the A3 to these shores. It's sad, but the marketing people supposedly understand these thing and know what's best for us... [%^(

    If you've noticed, most of the new hatchbacks are really "Fastbacks" and are called Coupes by their maker.

    FWIW, my two favorite (Fast)Hatchbacks were the Jaguar E-Type (which I can only dream of) and Triumph GT-6 (which I did own once and loved).

  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    I test drove the Jetta 4 a couple of weeks ago. I love it! Quality and features are just amazing. All four doors make that expensive Mercedes Benz "chunk" sound. The shifter and clutch are much softer than the A3s. I really like the close-ratio gearing on the 2.0L - good move by VW! The suspension is what surprised me the most. Handling is better than the A3 suspension, I think. That car begs you to take tight turns. There is less float/roll too! As for tarmac isolation, yeah, I hear you. The first Rabbit GTIs are probably the most fun of all. But I think stock cars are just going to get softer.
    Have you driven the New Jetta? Now I can't wait for the Golf GTI4.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    I've got a dealer near work that has offered me a test drive in the Jetta (Honest, it's a Golf with a trunk, Carlady {%^p ).

    It looks nice. I can't wait to see how it drives.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Folks, I'm going to freeze this topic and continue our conversation in the The Volkswagon Golf IV discussion. See you there!

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