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Jeep Commander Tires

lkk1lkk1 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Jeep
Has anyone had issues with the inside of the tire deteriorating. My sidewalls just deteriated on one side only at 31,500 miles.


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    pepsichickpepsichick Member Posts: 1
    What are the biggest tires I can put on my 06 commander?
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    ourjeeplifeourjeeplife Member Posts: 44
    According to Tirerack.com and many other tire retailers.. They have a "tire calculations" system which allows one to adjust to fit or see if one tire or another would fit. In this case Tirerack clearly indicates that a size 42'' could fit but extreme alterations to the chassis and suspension would be needed.

    Also depending on the rim/wheel size is what option you would fall under when selecting a tire. I mean if your going off road allot, then something around 31 x 10.5 x 17 would be a good tire to start off with.. Then one may have to consider the tread design of the tires.. and which one would not only allow for the off road experience. but the on road travel from point to point, Gas mileage and wear and tear on the lift itself.
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    itabotitabot Member Posts: 105
    I purchased toyo all country tires for my commander, and was told that they are waranteed far beyond 30k. More: i was given a discount because the supplier did not want to see me put - even new - jeep issued tires back on the car
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    ourjeeplifeourjeeplife Member Posts: 44
    edited May 2010
    After searching for our next set of tires.. I have come to the conclusion that the Kuhmo Road Venture SAT KL61 are the perfect selection for our Jeep Commander.. Thou I wanted to go big.. I felt the Kuhmo tires would be the biggest tire I could have installed on the commander without a wheel well wearing issue..

    Also another main reason for selecting the Kuhmo Road Venture's Is due to the fact that they are warranted for 60,000 mile, Compare this to "other" on/off road tires.. don't even come close.

    Hopefully this will take place in the near future.. Thanks to the gracious mechanics at Midas Severs Centers Of Maryland, I'll be able document the whole installation at Our JeepLife's club page,
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    ourjeeplifeourjeeplife Member Posts: 44
    Update: After learning that Kuhmo Road Ventures were no longer being produced, Our JeepLife's plans have changed. We are now sporting Michelin LTX M/S2 255/65R17 on our 07 Jeep Commander.
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