2007 Mazda 5 - Does it REALLY have Row 2 and 3 Side Curtain Airbags

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Hi - I have a question - and one that has been bothering me for a while.

We have a 2007 Mazda5 Sport., according to the manual and trim level descriptions it has Front airbags and Side Curtain airbags (for rows 2 and 3).

There is an SRS logo/stamp on the front pillart (in front of the driver and passenger) however there are no other stamps on the pillars on any of the rows behind. This is why I am unsure.

The dealer in my local area (questionable knowledge says it does not and I assume that is based on their cursory look at the car and the fact that it does not have SRS stamps on pillers for rows 2 and 3).

I called Mazda USA this morning - they referred me to the brochure and the fact that all 2007s have side curtains..

If it was just me in the car - I would be satisfied, but we have a small baby in the back.

Does anyone know categorically how to determine ? or know for sure ?



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    Along the top edges of the car behind the front seats, that is, above the passenger windows and heading aft, look for the SRS logo. The curtains pop out from above. The manual also states that the 2nd row seats have bags that explode from the outer side. I doubt Mazda would make such a claim if it were not accurate!
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    Thanks - I just went outside to my car to have a look. There is no SRS logo in the headliner, or in the plastic upright immediately beside the bottom of the 2nd row seats. Its very strange.

    Also - unlike the tag on the front seats (which have airbags inside them) there is nothing on the rear (2nd row seats).

    Do you have a Mazda5 ?
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    Here you go, directly from NHTSA website.

    link to Safecar.gov website
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    excellent - thanks for your help !
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    I remembered I've seen some pics somewhere:


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    The side curtain air bags are for the heads of adults.
    They won't do anything for a small child.
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    Good point 5 more, never thought of that before. Perhaps car manufacturers or better yet DOT, IIHS, or NHTSA should enforce on automakers to make vehicles with airbags at each outer side seat available inside the car. Therefore each occupant inside the vehicle (minus the middle seat in three passenger seats) would have a side airbag to protect a side impact collision. Great point 5 more!
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    Although it's a bit counter-intuitive, be glad these air bags are not required.

    A deploying air bag close to the neck or head of any child is not a good idea.

    In cars that have side and/or curtain air bags, it's especially important to make sure that passengers of any size are not leaning against the air bag side of the seat or on the window -- as tired passengers enduring long trips are likely going to do. In such a position, a firing air bag could be fatal -- even if accidentally tripped.

    Keep kids in properly fitted seats and they'll be as safe as possible.
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    Gee! you just keep bringing up great points! Well said.
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    Yeah, usually the car seat manufacturers or local officials offer free classes regularly good tips and tricks on how to install car and booster seats for all ages, including how to minimize the impact of side airbags. They also inspect your installs during the class.

    No car safety system is perfect, but the important part is that it reduces the stats numbers :)
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