90' Plymouth Voyager hard steering at idle or parking

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I recently starting having a problem with the ease of turning the steering wheel as it is has become difficult to turn while sitting or parking. I have noticed that when I step on the accelerator (vehicle is in park), the steering becomes easier. I notice no problems with normal driving. Idle speed appears to be normal.

Have replaced the power steering pump and can't find any leaks but the problem still remains.


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    Hi, is sounds like your power sterring pump has gone out, replace it with a new unit and let me know how it goes :-)
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    I replaced the rack and the issue is gone!
    The steering feels pretty much normal again.
    Thank you for replying :)
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    Good to hear, the metal veins inside the pump can fall apart spreading metal throughout the system, The metal is what takes out the rack seals, It is best to replace both units in this case.
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    Thank you for that info!
    I was originally thinking the pump but later was not so sure since the steering was not any better after it being replaced. The garage that replaced it for me said they had to re replace it with another one since they said there was an issue with that one.

    Question, on the same van, I have installed a temp gauge some time back. I notice after it has been running for awhile the temp reads between 190 and 230. I have been wondering why it should read up to 230. I can see when the stat opens as it drops right down to around 190. Anyway, the radiator has been replaced, the electric fan is working. I believe it is a 185 stat but the funny thing is that the heat inside never seems that hot. Could the guage not be that good?

    The "dummy light" for the temp guage is disconnected as there was no other place to have it connected since the temp sensor for the guage is taking its place. As for a t fitting, it is not an option.

    Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!
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    Temp gauge, some gauges can be off i liitle, the best way to read the engine temp is to use an IR meter and take the reading from the thermostata housing and compare readings with the temp gauge. Please let me know,
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