Lincoln LS Seat Heater System

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My seat heater stopped working about a month ago. I'm the type to tackle problems myself instead of just forking out cash to some garage. I am familiar with the concept of seat heaters and I know that somewhere there has to be a thermal cutoff or inline fuse that may be blown. That may be why I don't get any heat but the indicator light still functions as well as the timer. If, and this is a big IF, has a schematic of of the seat I would really like to look at it, or any possible suggestions of where to start looking, I would appreciate it.


  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Actually the most common failure is a broken element in the seatback. With mine you could actually feel it as you leaned back against it.
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    So really if I disconnect the power to the element I should be able to get continuity through it, if not then I know it's bad.
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    What was your end result, I have the same problem on an 02, driver side,
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    You can probably hear and/or feel the broken element in the seat back. If that's it you just have to replace it. An upholstery shop can do it if you bring them the new element.
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    a little strange,mabe some kinds of fitting is missed or disconnected?
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