Extended warranty for Volvo XC90

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My 05 XC 90 mfg warranty is expiring and I'm trying to decide whether my dealer is offering a fair price on the extended warranty. $3,696 for 4yr/50,000 miles or $2,967 for 3yr/36,000 miles. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have comparing to what you paid, or if you think I should get the extended warranty at all?


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    Check out the Extended Warranties discussion while waiting for responses in here.
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    At those prices, I'd roll the dice and self-insure. If you want, take the $3500 you would have paid for the insurance and put it in a CD or money market, earn interest, and then use it to pay for any repairs you have over the next 3-4 years. My guess is you'll have plenty left over at the end.
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