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Ford Explorer Advanced Track Message

resilientresilient Member Posts: 8
I have a 2005 Explorer (46K miles). Tonight when turning the engine off, a beep and quick msg occured on the msg center reading "Check Advance Track". The owner's manual states to contact the dealtership "IF" the check advanced track message appears while the engine is running. I was turning off my engine when it occured.

I started up my vehicle again, pressed the "Advanced Track" button to "OFF" and when I turned the engine off now, no more beep or check advanced track message.

Anyone know what this all meant???


  • amanzamanz Member Posts: 1
    Hi, Resilient,

    My Explorer 05 has the exact the same problem the first week we have it. We bot it new from dealer. As soon as we found it (the beep and quick msg of "check advance track" occer once when I turn engine off), we went back to different dealers and left our car with them for weeks. They do not acknowledge the problem.
    Now the msg occurs much less frequently.

    By any chance, have you made any progress about the msg? Please share with us. Thank you.
  • colorado24colorado24 Member Posts: 1
    Any update since this was last posted?
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