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BMW 318ti

markellismarkellis Posts: 7
edited May 2014 in BMW
who has them and who wants to talk about
them...I'm in the market for one and want to knwo
the pro's and con's of ownership.


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I hope you've had an opportunity to look the Edmunds Review on the 318ti. Owners/drivers, what have you experienced?

  • I sure did...but I'm looking for some current owners opinions...

    Who can help me?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I took delivery of a special order Club Sport in 1995. Essentially trouble free in over 35,000 miles of spirited driving. Mileage with the 5 speed manual averages @26-27mpg in suburban driving, 32+ on the highway. The Z rated tires lasted 28,000 miles(including numerous track days and autocrosses). There have been two Service Bulletins on the '95s-one involving peeling trim tape on the B pillar and another for a noisy A/C expansion valve. We just picked up a new 1998 with A/T and the Active package for my wife. She loves it! The only downside for some is the relatively small 1.8L engine. Don't expect M3 acceleration. However,if you let it wind out, you will be pleasantly surprised. It looks like 1999 will be the last year for the ti for a few years at least. They are a lot of fun for the money.
  • car7car7 Posts: 2
    I love the 318ti for its good looks and great handaling it is also one of the best looking cars I have ever seen also its an affordable BMW it a great car and is reliable and is just the thing I want dispite of its short comings.
  • Just wondering if anyone out there can give me their experiences with the ti with an open air roof. Just wondering how close it really is to a convertible (leaks, squeaks, sun and all).... I currently drive a miata and really need a little more space and this is something i'm looking at. Also what are people actually paying for ti's both new and used? I know what a new one costs a dealer but I'd like to know how much the dealers are actually dealing on the cars If anyone can respond with a package/equipment list and an actual price paid it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • I was just in the "convertibles" area of the town hall and someone had raised some issues concerning the reliability of a 318ti....anyone out there had any mechanical issues with their ti's? thanks.
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    Anyone who owns a 318ti sport:

    how is the ride (tire noise) of the sport over the standard suspension? Is it that different from the standard suspension?

    To all 318ti owners:

    Does anyone know how to increase power out of the inline 4. I thought a supercharger might work, or changing the air management system to a hot film (30 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque. A turbo is to erratic, with on and off boost.

    any suggestions??
  • yesterday i read a short piece on the upcoming changes to be made to the 3 series line in the coming months/ was in the latest issue of road and track....they said that the ti would be completely changed next time around with a longer wheelbase and sheet metal all it's own. there would be three flavors....if i remember correctly a 320ti, a 323ti, and an M powered ti. the way i read it the new ti will not appear until the '00 or '01 model year. i can't remember any more details as it was quite late when i read this but....
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    pure911:I have a 1995 Club Sport and a 1998 Active. The Active's ride is a bit softer but not much quieter. The Sport Package is the hot ticket for the enthusiast. The cheapest bang for the buck is a Supersprint exhaust and a Conforti chip (available from Turner Motorsport). You should pick up about 20hp. 1996 and later cars require more complex reprogramming. Check out the links page at for more info.
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