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2003 Honda Pilot loud, vibrating Heater Blower Noise

joew16joew16 Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Honda
This noise sounds like a hovering helicopter. At full fan speed the dashboard vibrates and it can be felt in the steering wheel. The heater, however, is producing warm air. Does this sound like a dealer repair or could my local mechanic handle it? ( I am 50 miles from nearest dealer.) Also, any idea as to what this would/should cost if I need a new heater motor?


  • Had the same thing happen on my '06 a few times, each @ the start of the rainy/ fall season. Both times it was leaf muck/ tree debris that got down under the hood into the heater fan area somehow and caused a vibration that when idling sounded & felt like the subwoofer was growling. Took it to the dealer (still under warantee) and they diagnosed it right away from experience. They popped the hood, did thier clean out and that was that. Not sure if the '03 has same issue, but this may help
  • Thanks for the info! We live in the Adirondack Mtns so the car does collect a lot of leaf and pine needle debris. In fact, I sometimes use a leaf blower to clean the stuff out in that area around the wipers. But that may have driven the small stuff down into the blower, causing my problem. I don't see any obvious way to get at the heater so I will probably need to visit the dealer, but this is better news than a new heater motor!
  • Problem solved! Turned out that not one but two mice had somehow crawled into the heater fan. Tech at dealer (must have been newest employee!) said it was quite a mess. Charge not bad either...$50 for clean out and 40 for new AC filter. Strong application of orange scented disinfectant was free.
  • Mice, eh? Bet they were warming up nicely right up until.....!!! Glad everything's back to normal and the pre-Christmas expense wasn't too steep. Happy Holidays to all!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    After the grille insert wide-open for chance of rock debris to puncture the condensor & pipe, a 750.00 fix not covered by warranty, consider it as accident, may claim the insurance less the deductible; just another POOR DESIGN by Honda leads to this problem happened!

    I have a habit of press the RECIR button before I leave the vehicle, so the damper is shut to avoid any rodents crawling inside.
  • Thanks....I never thought about closing the RECIR button but I will do it. Have had suggestions to hang anything from mothballs to fabric softener strips??? Too bad about your AC condenser. I had a Volvo 850 a few years ago and had a similar incident with a piece of flying plywood tossed up by a truck I was following. Broke the grill and damaged the condenser. Big $$ to repair!!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You may have one more option ...

    try the rataway,
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