'01 Dodge Durango Not Switching into 4x4

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Durango not switching into 4x4, neither the 4HI or 4LO engage . . . suggestions?


  • edwinh2edwinh2 Member Posts: 2
    well there is a linkage right under the stick if it is worn then you need a new one yo can get it at the dealer and it runs for about 120 dollars and you can do it yourself if you do it there it runs for about 534 plus tax and outside it runs for about 450 so just pay the diagnostic at the dealer and then do it you will pay only about 50 dollars to find out if it is that
  • getrdone2getrdone2 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks edwinh2, will try that
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    If you find an answer please forward it on, I also have an 01 Durango woth the same problem
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