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2007 Kia Spectra

felixvahfelixvah Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Kia
Hi everyone, I'm really new to Kia Spectra and I have no research about the car before buy it. I saw it with a great deal so I just bought the car. What I experienced was on the passager side kept pop up Passenger Air Bag Off. Does anyone know what that mean? and was it normal to showed up like that? that pop next to the clock. You answer really be a great appreciate. Thanks


  • It will show "off" until someone sits there. It detects someones weight. If it still shows off when someone is sitting there have Kia check it out.

  • Hey, thanks for the info. I realized that sometime it would be off with someone sitting there, but sometime it's still on. I guest, I would keep an eyes on it, and it becomes more and more on then I'll have Kia check it out. Thanks again.
  • Hey not a problem. Have a good one :)
  • Just bought an 07 Spectra and want to change the wheel coves. Do I have to use the "bolt on" type or will any 15" universal wheel cover fit?
  • Regarding the air bag light, read your owner's manual. All is explained.

    Regarding wheel covers, I think most will fit but am not positive. You will have to jack the car up, remove the lug nuts, remove the wheel cover, replace the lug nuts (make sure you torque them properly, 65-79 ft-lb. per manual) and try fitting the new wheel cover. The only problem I'd anticipate is clearing the lug nuts.
    Let us know.
  • oryuoryu Posts: 1
    I bought an 2007 Spectra and don't know where is the most activated internet forum.

    I think most sites don't have enough articles to read.

    where could i find one? please recommend me.

    thanks in advance
  • You can try

    I've had some pretty good luck there with another car of mine.
  • bobny47bobny47 Posts: 1
    are there any recalls for the 2007 spectra. and if what are they
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