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2005 PT Cruiser Steering WHINE

Good morning everyone and happy holidays. New to the forum and would greatly appreaciate everyone's help. As you can see by topic I have had a very bad whine everytime I turn the wheel no matter what the speed is. Chrysler repair said that this common in Cruisers and nothing can be done about it. I find that hard to believe and would like to know if anyone has this issue or knows of a fix for it? Thanks again everyone


  • i have 03 cruiser and it has a whine to it too. what can be done for thia annoying sound.
  • I have a 2005 Pt Turbo. Power steering hose has burst no less than 5 times in the last 2 years, under warranty at the time. Well, again it happened to the same hose near the rack and pinion, No, by the rad, oil just spashed, but now it is off of warranty. Still asking chrysler for a free fix. 6,000 klms Canada over warranty. Anyone else have the same issue. I feel it must be a hose defect, or pressure in the rack that they have misdiagnosed all this time? Racks are expensive to replace. Please note, I must add, a different dodge Dealer found the nut to the rack and pinion was finger tight only, documented, and on file the last time it occurred. I am old fashion , so instead of what we are told, always let the care warm up for at least 15 minutes, never crank the steering to its limit, also happened after the car was warm and a 6 mile drive. This has just about caused two accidents. One major last year when a pedestrian ran in front of my car and I slowed down to miss him. Of course that is when you notice you have a very heavy steering. Secondly this last time making a slow turn almost running into a curb.
    Thanks if you reply, Wayne
    As of 8 am this morning, contacted several different Dealers. Ford has a good will agreement for 20,000 klms if the issue has happened 3 previous times. Every Dealer said 6 times is strike out for something is wrong. Well, I will wait for Chrysler Canada to call back. They were nice , but I will see. And yes I must admit to blowing up in their service Department the 4th time, for I dam near hit someone. Surely I can't be the only one?? How about a response friends. Being an old backyard mechanic for my dad when alive was one just gave me a thought. Didd the Dealers bleed the power steering after repairs, or is that not done anymore? Also, does driving without repairs which I have been told to do until an opening was available damage components? Just in, 11:33 am, Winnipeg Canada time. No responce from Chrysler canada? Possibly we are all screwed. Well Crysler might be shut down in Canada, no answer, told no number at this time. Best start to worry.
    1:00 pm our time. Still no responce from two Dealers. Not to worried for when it warms up I will fix it an bleed the system.
    11p:m and i did not have to drive today, but no calls. Think I will buy a Ford this year. Well it's Friday and no call from Chrysler canada. Degreased and the same hose burst at the odd twisted overly long bend. Odd bend to it for a hose that should be straight? Also the regular hose connect clam by the rad was very loose. Think it is a pressure issue that has never been fixed proprerly. Often wonder if mine was damaged in transit, before it was purchased? :mad: Also have had extensive front end work done at 48,000 Klms. So I wait out the Christmas season and New year and hope chrysler will justify thier mistake
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    Does anyone have the toe-in specs for a 2003 PT Touring?
  • my is a 2001 PTI and have had the same problem of the "Whine" early in the morning and when I back up or turn. When driving in the morning you can hear the whining alot. I read somewhere that a TBS or TSB tube. Do you know anything about that or did you finally get your whine fixed? Can youy let me know.


    John S
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    my girlfriend managed to let the car give out of gas. put gas in it but it will not start. some say there is a switch, depending on the part store (1)there is a switch and others say there is not. it will turn but not fire up, (2) others say timing belt went out the same time and (3) finally it could be the fuel pump. any suggestions
  • My wife's 05 PT Cruiser has an occasional groan in the Steering Column after backing up then turning, we have had it in the shop 5-6 times and they still have not resolved the problem, it started like the 2nd. day after we bought it last year (09). It is still under extended warrenity. Does anyone have any ideas for us to tell the Service dept. as they seem to be in the dark?? - Charlie
  • Hi, Yesterday the car was driving fine. I stopped and bought some stamps and when I was leaving the parking lot the power steering on my Cruiser just quit. It briefly came back but now it is gone. There are no strange noises and the fluid level is good. Would someone tell me what they think the problem is? I'm probably going to have this fixed in a shop . Any idea of the cost of repair? Thanks for any help.
  • 2004 and mine did the same thing, Ran out of gas and wouldnt start. Ended up being the timing chain,. But since fixed. Ive got a whine in the power steering, its been to the shop i bought it from twice and its still not fixed. I have a clicking sound in the area of the pump as well. Im so affraid this used dealer is gonna screw me over. I have a service aggreement still good for 6kmiles or 6mths. they made it worse since trying to fix it. I THINK ITS A LEMON... chrysler 2004 has a recall item dealing with power steering. Im calling dealer to see if mine was changed.. good luck.... :confuse:
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    I wonder how the steering problem worked out for you. Our Cruiser treated us to three days over Thanksgiving to a motel beside the I-95 in Florida while the steering pump was replaced. Stopped for gas and the steering quit. Nice it didn't do it on the freeway.
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