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Nissan Maxima Audio System Questions

andomaximaandomaxima Member Posts: 1
I recently got a 1996 nissan maxima base model from my dad. It does not have the bose system. It is the maxima with the tape and am/fm player. I bought a subwoofer and I have an amp at home and the head unit. My cousin is going to be hooking everything up but he said I need things like wiring "taps" and wiring kits and an adapter. Can someone please tell me all the specific wires and adapters I need. If you need to know the subwoofer it is a THUMP AT-8 800 watt with 2 10's and I'm not sure about the head unit or the amp but I will reply the models of those if needed. Thank you for all your help


  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    The sales creatures told me today that Nissan has now made it flat-out 100% impossible (except for FM modulation, which I'm not interested in) to retrofit satellite radio to the base model's stereo as an integrated in-dash installation.

    He insisted that the absolute only choice on Earth was to buy the pricier option packages that incorporate it into the Bose stereo.

    True? False?
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    just an FYI about the Bose Audio System for those who don't have it but are thinking of upgrading to it; the current Maxima has 9 speakers, 5 in the front and four in the back; if you are in the front seats of the car the Bose is absolutely wonderful and you are surrounded by audio and bass which makes for a great experience; but the Bose system is absolutely lousy for backseat passengers; only the two speakers on the bottom portions of the rear doors have mild audio come out of them; the two gigantic speakers in the back window housing produce bass and tone only with no audio; I've never had a car, until this one, where the rear window speakers have no audio coming of them; since these speakers are closer to the person's head if audio comes out of them it sounds a lot closer but since they don't anyone sitting in the backseat, the music sounds low and distant; I've tried to get used to it but the listening experience in the backseats just stinks; luckily I drive the car most of the time and get to benefit from the better experience in the front of the car; if anything Nissan should reverse the rear speaker set up and have the audio up in the rear window and the bass on both doors like they do for the front speakers!
  • maxquestionsmaxquestions Member Posts: 1
    Recently purchased 2009 Maxima. The radio would not hold on any radio stations selected and back speakers did not work. They replaced radio and now the back speakers work, but the radio will still not hold on a station. Loses the station and never comes back on unless you shut off radio and turn it on again. These are local stations. Has any one else had this problem? Don't know if it is related to antenna or another system problem?
  • jchristianojchristiano Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2009 Maxima, poor reception. The reception in my '03 is great. The '09 will search and find a station, but it only holds for 5-10 seonds before it fades into static. Did you find a solution or hear from anyone else with the same problem?
  • dwinkdwink Member Posts: 14
    Does anyone know how many watts and speakers the Maxima sv with tech package stereo comes with?
  • spicolli916spicolli916 Member Posts: 1
    easy setup u got. just go to bestbuy or a car stereo shop tell them the year of your car and tell them u need a wiring harness to connect the deck they"ll give u the right one for your car u just connect all the wires from the back of your deck to the harness there all matching colors just connect the matching colors together then the harness will plug right into your car. Next your gonna need a amp instalation kit 4 guage would be best for what your running but 8 gauge would work. it comes with a power wire( 4 or 8 gauge), a ground wire ( 4 or 8 gauge really get a 4 for the ground its always better to have a bigger ground), remote wire,( 16 gauge wire) a set of rca's, and speaker wire and then all the connecters for the ends of the wire. a good kit will cost u $40 or a lil more. U can get them at a swap meet for like $20. oh and a dash installation kit for the stereo( head unit) so it fits into the car right. It's not that much stuff it just seems that way until u get it in there. lol
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