Isuzu Rodeo timing off?

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i have a 1998 isuzu rodeo, V6 and its popping and firing out of the intake. It was running fine then lost power, thought it was the timing belt, timing belt was in tact and was dead on the marks, i went ahead and replaced it but still has same symptoms, help me please...could it be a valve clearance or rocker arm adjustment..any suggestions? thanks in advance.


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    Just a guess but it sounds like an electrical problem - perhaps the ignition coil is shorting out?

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    I saw that referred too on a post but found no further info; my problem is such...
    My Rodeo 94 2WD had a slight tic to the passenger head, now it went to a loud rattle at idle, going quite under higher revs. I pulled the valve covers looking for a loose mounting etc.. pulled the timing belt cover and saw that both timing marks are off about 1.5 inchs. worried about valve damage I pulled the right head(pass) and there are no bent valves. The book mentions that some of the valves would be open, none are, they are all shut. Rotating the cam pully it loads up and pops around to closed.
    Could use any helpfull comments.
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