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Mazda 5 jolt

techtylertechtyler Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Mazda
I have a 2007 Mazda 5 with just under 20,000 km. Almost immediately after purchasing the vehicle from the dealer the car shook violently under mild acceleration. It has continued to do this on an unpredictable basis and the dealership technicians are stumped. I definitely feel that it is a safety issue that needs to be addressed for obvious safety reasons. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? Can anybody describe their situation to shed some light on my problem? That would be greatly appreciated.


  • Please elaborate on what happens with your "violent shake", be more decriptive.
  • Ours just started doing this too. Ours is an 09 and brand new -2600 miles. I think it is the snow. It has been so cold that nothing is melting off the car, even in the garage. I think snow built in the wheel wells and was brushing the tire. When we really cleaned them out this morning, I didn't notice the shake on the way into work. I am taking it in to the shop today to have them take a look though since we have a long snowy road trip tomorrow!
  • To elaborate on the problem:

    The car will jolt almost as if the engine loses power and suddenly regains it. It can be very scary. I don't think it's driver error because it has done it with other drivers too. Sometimes the car will go weeks without any issues and sometimes it will “jolt” up to three times in a week. On a number of occasions it has been so bad it has caused the wheels to squeal and chirp. I have kept track of RPMs, engine temp. , outside temp., fuel level and anything else relevant to find a pattern but so far nothing consistent has shown up.
  • WOW! Sounds just like the TSB for the older engine stumble. I wonder if Mazda never corrected thi issue?

    Here is the link for the older TSB:

    Engine Stumble TSB
  • I agree that the symptoms sound like it - I had a different make of car that behaved similarly when the camshaft position sensor went bad. My check engine light would come on, though, after a major "hiccup" and then driveability would be bad until I restarted the engine (not a Mazda).
  • It applies to 2006 and 2007 models so the issue seems corrected, yet has not been applied to this vehicle.

    Your dealer should be able to update the PCM.
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