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Chevy Aveo CV-Joint

aveoOh5aveoOh5 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Chevrolet
ok so my 2005 aveo is making a really bad grinding noise in the front passenger tire only when i make a left turn not right and i took it to a mechanic a few months ago and he said nothing was wrong (which is total bs), since then it has progressively gotten worst however there is no way that a car can make that bad of a noise and there be nothing wrong..i personally think CV-Joint


  • I believe your are right....
  • Did you check to see if you had a stone caught in your front brakes. It sounds like grinding, cv joint makes alot of noise specially when you turned the wheel left or right.
    And the steering wheel jerks left and right when making turns. Hope this helps. :cry:
  • wdmwdm Posts: 1
    It is actually most likely the wheel bearing - common issue. Typically, one goes while still under warranty and the other side finds a way to give out once you're past the warranty mileage limit. My service invoice from one warranty repair for this indicates these parts were used. No pricing or detail. I assume "Ring" means bearing.
    Seal - 94535249
    Ring - 94535121
  • :confuse: I have same noise problem with front wheel passenser side, tested by jack off each side at a time run enngine (with emergency brake on of course) and compare, i suspect the passenger side front bearing gone bad.
    I got the front bearing ready to replacing it myself but can not take the wheel hub off in order to access to the bearing to replace it ...!!!???...
    I really need some help from the experts or some one can send me the assembly diagram of the front wheel assembly could be helpful, ... Thanks in advance guys..
  • i have an 05 chevy aveo hatchback and i need to replace the front weel bering, problem is, i dont know where to begin, last time i changed out a weel bering was in a 1978 scottsdale, and allot has changed since then, i really need a diagram or something to aid me in this process, and please tell me i wont have to get them compressed.....
  • i am having the same issues, i have yet to find the book for the car, from looking at some other manuals for other front wheel drive chevy models it looks like it comes out from the back, after you remove the nut the shaft pushes through the back, this means you have to disconnect it from the trans first,??? is it really this difficult to do this? would love to here from someone who has done this !!! :confuse:
  • astarastar Posts: 8
    I got two tires put on the front and one side started making a grinding noise when I turned, it turned out to be the tire tech had bent a dust cover which goes over the brakes, the dust cover was replaced and the noise stopped.
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