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Hyundai Santa Fe Oil Change and Filter

Does everybody take their Santa Fe to the dealer for oil changes? I'm hearing on this forum that the disposable washer must be replaced each time the crankcase drain plig is removed as well as the "O" rings in the cannister oil filter (if not you're inviting leaks).
Are the quick change shops set up for this(I've used them for years). Just looking for feedback before my first oil change which is comung up. I'll be using 5w30 semi synthetic for winter and the quaker state 5w30 in the summer.('08 SF Limited 3.3) Any comments pr suggestions? Thanks


  • paulnzpaulnz Posts: 16
    j craig,

    I won't take any vehicle I own to a dealer or (worse yet) one of those oil change places unless I absolutely have to (I subscribe to the "if you want it done right, do it yourself" philosophy). I have changed the oil in my 08 SF Limited 3.3 twice so far myself and if you have a place you can work on it at, it is very easy.

    You can get the 26320-3C100 Hyundai oil filter from the dealer. It includes two rubber O-rings you should replace when you replace the filter. My dealer is very expensive for the filter ($13), so I recently ordered 5 online for Savage Hyunai in Pennsylvania. ( ). They are about $6 each there, but shipping added another $10, but $8 each still beats $13. They sell the crush washers also. Note that if you go to their site, they list the wrong filter for the Santa Fe (it may be the one for the 2.7L engine). You can go under Sonata instead to see the correct one.

    Replacing the oil and filter is easy because you get to the filter from on top of the engine. Just take off the 6 bolts that hold the plastic engine cover off and unscrew the plastic top off the oil filter canister (when you take the it off, watch because it will have oil up in it and when you tilt it, it will spill on the engine). Get a tiny screwdriver or pick and get under the big O-ring at the top of the plastic top and the small one at the bottom. Then replace them with the new ones. The filter itself just sits in the canister and you simply screw the cap back on.

    The drain plug takes a 17mm wrench and I put my car on those drive-on ramps to get to it. However, if you are small, you might be able to get to the drain plug without raising the car at all. I did not have new crush washers when I changed mine and just used the old one (twice now). It does not leak, but I did order them when I ordered the fiters for future use.

    Hyundai recommends 5w-20 oil and that is what I used, but I think in the manual it shows 5w-30 as okay also. The only bad thing is it takes 5 1/2 quarts, so you will have half a quart left over until you change it a second time.

    IF you can't or don't want to change the oil yourself, I would take it to a Hyundai dealer and have it done rather than one of the oil change places. The reason is that I think you want to have a Hyundai filter put in it rather than some other brand. If you go to Hyundai's tech site ( ) I recall a TSB or some other document that describes problems with aftermarket oil filters. It may just be Hyundai trying to scare everyone into using their filters, but I would not want to use a non-Hyundai filter then have something happen to the engine and have to fight Hyunai about it. It is cheap peace of mind to use their filters until the warranty runs out.
  • My latest oil change has been a night mare. I took my vehicle in at 13,500 miles due to oil leak. The dealership could not stop and had to replace the oil pan which lead to the 'Engine" light going on. The dealership has had my vehicle since August 16th and the problem is still not fixed. They have had to call in the "Hyundai Engineers" who have recommended multiple replacement parts, the latest being the Cam Phaser? I have filed a complaint with the Hyundai Regional office in Illinois and they have done nothing to assist. I still do not have my car back. I mention the Lemon Law...the dealer says I have to talk to Hyundai Corporate. Corporate says it is at the dealership level. I have filed a complaint with BBB. Will never buy Hyundai again!
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    I have owned 3 Hyundai's, which includes my 2010 Limited, and have had all of them serviced by the dealer. Never a problem.
  • kminnaarkminnaar Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    Hi I just moved to Canada and am purchasing a Santa Fe LTD 3.5 AWD 2010. I would like to find out more about the Dealer offer on the Service package worth about 19 00 Cad. This covers you for 5 years or 100 000 km. Do any one have a better explanations do this cover all parts all labour is this all you pay for this time.
    I had also opted for the corrosion treatment worth 400 C$ and double the corrosion warranty to 10 years.
    Is this recommended, I understand it is a lot of money but if you just drop it off no extra cost. I believe parts like battery change is included.
    I am in Sherbrooke Quebec
  • Should I switch to a different weight oil from the 5W-20 Quaker State that I have been using now that my 2009 has 40,000 miles?
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