trying to change out fuel pump

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I took the shield off the tank and now i see what looks like 3 nuts on driver side and 3 square nuts on passenger side, i can feel on top of the 3 nuts on passenter side and it feels like hex head bolts, There is no way to get a wrench on them and from the bottome the square nuts look like they are stationary/tac whelded as if to hold them in place while turning the bolts.. I need some advice as to how to remove the tank. checked fuses and wire and there is no fuel coming from fuel line, ..


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    You'll probably get a quicker reply if you post your question in Isuzu Owners Maintenance and Repair

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    I have a 2002 trooper with 45k on it. It will die when idling almost all of the time. The check engine light comes on and will blink when I accelerate only. I replaced the fuel filter and and spark plug(was misfiring) and the Throttle control sensor in the engine compartment. The fuel pressure on the rail is maxed out at 38psi, which is below speck. I am preparing to drop the tank and replace the fule pump(Not looking forward to as I have never done this). Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I love the car, just did not expect it to be undrivable when I bought in June of 08 with only 30k on it. Help please!
    Thanks, Scott
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