Insurance Fees - lexus is250

lexgirl1lexgirl1 Member Posts: 4
Has anyone found this vehicle is expensive to lease?
I am getting $1k per year for an 09 IS 250 and $150 over an Audi A4 from USAA?
Should I look at other insurance companies?

I have a good record and am older...


  • fkongfkong Member Posts: 11
    Insurance for me on this car is pretty bad, too. It's at almost $1,500/year for a 2012 IS350. Had to put my dad as primary driver to get it down to $850. I have no moving violations. Rates are high because I'm "young and single" when I'm really not that young. Insured by Allstate. May have to consider switching companies.
  • jaxflygirljaxflygirl Member Posts: 25
    I just bought a new 2012 IS 250 and I have USAA also, good record..My insurance actually dropped like $60 a year from my 2007 Nissan Maxima!
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