2003 X5 power seat and power tilt trouble

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Please help! After trying to kill our X5 in Idaho (0 degrees) we returned to CA. The only problem is that the drivers seat and the power tilt only move in very very small increments since the trip. Like 1/32 inch every time the buttons are pushed. The seat and tilt do the same limited movements. Is there a reset? Anyone had a similar problem?


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    I am having the same issue with my 2002 X5. Did you ever find a solution?
  • vsj100vsj100 Member Posts: 3
    we solved it by installing a used but gauranteed seat switch - the one on the side of the seat. The cold must have caused it to fail.
  • fred91fred91 Member Posts: 2

    I figured that was the culprit but couldn't see how it would effect the tilt steering. Where did you find the part?

  • vsj100vsj100 Member Posts: 3

    This is the website to the shop that found the part.
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    I'm thinking about purchasing a 2003 X5. It's in outstanding shape, but has 59k miles. The dealer will have to come way down on price for me to afford it, but I may have a shot. If i can get my price, (well below TMV price) to where I want, is this still a good car to purchase given the high miles? We put a lot of miles on our SUV's, and I'm worried that I'm getting a 5yr. loan on a car that will only last another 3 years or so.
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    After reading you last posts about the HH and Sonota leases, it sounds like you're heading for financial disaster.

    A BMW with 59,000 miles is just ready for the 60,000 mile tune up (think $$$'s). The maintenance is expensive and milage is less than your 06HH so whatever you lose by selling the HH plus the additional cost of maintaining the BMW is probably going to eat your lunch in the long run.

    And yes, I would worry about buying an 03BMW on a 5 year loan.

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