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Acura Legend Maintenance and Repair

lakataklakatak Member Posts: 1
I just purchase a (1 previous owner) 1995 Acura Legend LS Coupe with 114,000 miles. The vehicle runs excellent except when I start the engine, the RPM sometimes dropped way down low after the first cranking that the engine shut down completely. Any advices to resolve this problem is appreciated. P.S. I love my car!!!


  • porkchop62porkchop62 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1990 Acura legend 5spd mt. It will Not shift into reverse gear. shifting into all other gears works fine. What could be wrong and how easy
    would it be to repair.?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome to CarSpace! Why don't you cross-post in our general Transmission Traumas discussion while you are waiting for some input here.

    Good luck - hope we can help.
  • porkchop62porkchop62 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1990 legend 5 sped mt can I interchange with a 1988 5 sped mt? Are they the same basic transmission?
  • itzkloveitzklove Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    maybe someone here can help, I owner of a 93 Acura Legend 4-doors sadan with the 5spd manual shift. I need to replace my transmission. My question can I replace it with a 6spd which comes in the Acura Legend 2-doors sport coupe, with no modification?
  • otto11otto11 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 90 acura legend automatic transmission. The car runs great and has 140000 miles. The only thing that puzzles me is that when I am driving from 20mph to 30mph the transmission slips. It kicks right back in once it reaches 30 mph. I checked and the transmission fluid is full.

    Any ideas on what might be the issue?
  • fingers3fingers3 Member Posts: 1
    My tranny has like a metal to metal noise in idle or in drive, but goes away when I gas it. Recently my vss went out in which my speedometer is running all over. Any ideas on the tranny problem. Hears a clink clink noise when i shift from park to reverse or reverse to park. Please help.
  • mindarsin1mindarsin1 Member Posts: 1
    Hey whats goin on man I also purchased a 95 ls coupe recently and had the same issues. I took it to a acura dealer and got a full diagnostic. The issue was the idle control valve which cost 510.00 installed.
  • ejprebisejprebis Member Posts: 1
    I have a '90 Legend, 2.7 L engine, bought new, now with 224,000 miles. Driving on the turnpike today in the rain, the S3 gear light indicator on the dash started glowing, dimly then brightly then dimly. Then the S4 indicator came on, but only dimly. Stopped the car; started again. No problem for about a minute. Then more of the same, along with trans shifting randomly, and in quick succession, between drive and neutral. (By this time, I'm off the freeway, and going 30-40 mph.) Then, with no change in actual engine rpm, the tachometer began fluctuating between 0 - 4000 rpm, but also showed an rpm appropriate for the actual engine speed. Once, on braking, I got the distinct rapid judder of the ABS cycling on and off.
    I drove about 40 miles to home like this, with the back-and-forth shifts between drive and neutral occurring about every 30 sec., the S3 and S4 indicators glowing and the tach needle dancing. On a final hill climb, I had to shift manually to low gear. [edit: no check engine or other dash warning lights.]
    This is a great car; I hope it's a simple, not-too-expensive problem like a control module. Any ideas out there? Please? Jack
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    My 88AcuraLegend has 334 thous mile on it and the Trans. finally saying good bye.
    Driving it for about two(2) miles, it runs fine until it suddenly shift down to second gear then back again to third and so on. Turning it off and re starting gives another two mile of good speed until it shift down again. Draining and changing the solenoids did not help at all. Wiring were check and replacing the trans. controller did not change a thing. I drove this car from NY to FL then to CA and back to NY without any problem at all, in short I a very satisfied owner. I think only a Volvo 240 can match this record. I would love to hear from anyone who got the same problem and advice how they have fix it.
  • ffillmoreffillmore Member Posts: 1
    can an auto be made a manual on 93 acura laegend??
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    You just need to adjust the shifting rod or the rubber joint/connector is so worn that
    it is not aligning properly on the reverse selection. Hopefully your synchormesh gear on the reverse gear are not worn.
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    Considering the mileage you got, better have the tranny overhauled.
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    Of coarse it is possible but you need to install the clutch pedal which is troble some not to mention the shifter rod. Better buy a car with MT tranny and solve your problem.
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    This trouble is a possible clutch slip which can be fix only by overhauling or the shift solenoids are not working properly, the S3 lite flashing on you means they are not working. Try flushing first and clean the solenoids by carb cleaner and smacking it on a flat board to dislodge the dirt. Then spray again and after which you ground the body of solenoid then connect the terminal to the plus side of battery (positive) and the solenoid should kick with a cliking sound. Strong sound means it is still good and a weak sound means still dirty or maybe out. No sound is dead solenoid. Good luck.
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    If I were you, I will seek the help of Transmission guys right away, The slip mean only one thing the pressure in those clutch pack is escaping or the o rings are gone/broken. The clutch held for a while when pressure is not that much until it rose and push the fluid out of the clutch when the slip occur. If you don't have the S3 flashing green light the aforementioned statement apply. However, without the light you need the overhaul. Flashing S3 light menas the shift solenoid is not connected or not working at all. You need to flush and replace the solenoid. It will cost you around 125 USD plus the fluid, another 20 USD. Good luck.
  • jayofalltradejayofalltrade Member Posts: 17
    Possible source of clink, clink noise is from your fly wheel where the torque converter is attached. Fly wheel sometimes got cracked or when the car is pulling the noise is more audible or at idle. This, however, applies if the transmission is shifting/working right. You need a transmission shop to fix this trouble.
  • porkchop62porkchop62 Member Posts: 3
  • philly11philly11 Member Posts: 2
    my 91 legend started overheating.i thought it might be the jacket lining in the engine, but oil and water were not prevalent on dip stick and performance is fine. So acura recommended i take out the thermastat,so i did that and operating temp is normal.If i put it back in the rpms go up n down repeatedly. oh n it's worth mentioning that before this overheating the speedo stopped working. Sometimes it would work,but usally only for kms or two. Then i ordered a new speed sensor had it installed and all the speedo does is jump around.I read about the procedure with the fuse and have done so,but no dice. the d4 light on the shifting sequence just blinks.The other part of the suggestions was the therma sensor may be shot and or the coolant sensor. I have both those sensors and i will try. I am just wondering if any one has any suggestions or if they are familiar with these problems.
  • philly11philly11 Member Posts: 2
  • my92my92 Member Posts: 5
    I had my 1992 Acura Legend to the dealership last year, they had to disconnect the battery to do some work, they reset the radio code as I told them it was located under the ash tray.
    A month or so ago I had my battery disconnected and never got around to recoding the radio.
    Today I pulled out the ash tray and to my anger someone had scraped off the code from the bottom of it. I will call the dealership tomorrow but for now am pretty upset that they would do that. What benefit would someone gain by this action? And where do I get the code now?
  • kmc_033kmc_033 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 94 Acura legend sedan, and it is starting to make a weird smell. It doesn't smell like coolant or like burn breaks, and I usually smell it more often when I am getting off of the freeway. My AC blower motor doesn't work so it takes a while for smells to get inside of the car. But I am worried about it. Someone once told me that I should get my drive belt replaced, and I'm not sure if that means the timing belt. What could be happening?
    Also, I started experiencing my car revving up while I'm sitting still. Neutral or park, and sometimes it bounces between 1000 1500, and sometimes all the way up to 2500....??
  • kmc_033kmc_033 Member Posts: 2
    Also, with that 94 Acura legend sedan, I've been experiencing that clutch slip as well going into fourth gear. What does overhauling mean? Does that apply in this case considering it only does the clutch slip going into fourth?
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