2003 Land Rover Freelander SE3 (2 Door) Concerns?

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Hello all,

We just purchased a 2003 Land Rover Freelander SE3 (2 Door) from a dealer in our area. It has 56K miles on it and seems to be running properly - for now.

I'm concerned about the reviews of the Freelander and did not know there were so many issues before we purchased.

My question is; Is the Freelander SE3 2DR riddled with as many problems as the 4DR companion is?

Also, most of the problems I've read about (since our purchase ....ugh) are concerning the 2002 model.

Any insight would be helpful....

Ps - Has anyone had a good experience with these cars??? Anyone at all??


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    ?? anyone??
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    You should keep in mind that the complaints you read about are written by people motivated to finding solutions to problems while that those who are not having troubles are less motivated to write.

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    I'd like to know how iceclimbr is going with their car? Am looking at this model - but not confident with all the bad reviews! Any advice you can provide / any positive stories would be great! Thanks ! PS am in Queensland Australia- so antifreeze issues not a problem forme - over heating probably is !) thanks :)
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    Mr. Iceclimbr -- enough time has passed now.. Still got the Freelander? how did it work out? I thought about buying a 02 HSE with 54,000 miles -- what r your thoughts?
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    Hello -

    Sorry for the super long delay in response! Our experience was horrible, problems with all sorts of electrical, mechanical and everything in between. Major issue was brakes, they last for all of 1 year, if that.

    If you're in Australia, then the antirfreeze issue is no issue - as you stated, so I'd say, be prepared to replace brakes frequently and hopefully your electronics / wiring will be OK for you!
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