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Toyota Venza Real World MPG



  • See my posting placed today regarding my mpg. on a Canadian vehicle. If you want more information or up dates u can get me at .

    14/15 l/ is giving u about 19-20mpg (imperial gal)

    Emission requirements in the US are differnt than those in Canada, that is why I am wondering that the vehicle made for me may have the Us emission system by mistake or thats what they had in stock and and just built it that way.

    Being out 8 to 9 mpg is not acceptable.

    Just wrote to Toyota today regarding this.
  • I have almost 10,000 mile on my 2 wheel drive V6. I do a lot of highway driving but the best mileage I have ever gotten was a little over 26 mpg. That was at around 65 mpg on flat roads. My city mileage always hovers around 22 or 23.

    My previous car was a 2005 Avalon V6 which is the same engine as the Venza V6.
    My average mileage with the Avalon was about 4 mpg better.

    The Venza has alway had a slight stumble the first time I accelerate after the car has been standing for a while or when cold.This will only happen the first time the throttle is depressed. I have asked 2 different dealers to check the tuning specs to see if that might be the cause of the poor mileage. Neither will admit that the car even stumbles.
  • I have 2009 V6 AWD Venza with 22080 miles
    I average between 18 and 19 mph with 55% - Hwy and 45 %- City on 87 Octane
    During 100 % hwy driving, I've averaged between 28 and 29 mph - driving speed average of 75 mph - 87 octane
    Every quarter, I use premium fuel of 91+ to clean the engine, so I think it does... and I get 2 mpg better.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi your venza v6 fwd rated 26 mpg highway. I wonder how you able to get 30.3 mpg.
    I am thinking the most you can get it around 28-29 mpg using cruise control, and 60-65 mph..

    maybe your venza have more psi than toyota recommend... are you using 87 or 91 octane?
  • hello david,

    Using 91 octane, i noticed hwy mpg was about 29 or 30
    PSI is recommended at 32 and thats where i try to keep it
    I have never got more than about 27 on 87 octane
  • 1trulove1trulove Posts: 29
    edited May 2010
    We've owned our I4, FWD Venza for 3 weeks. The average mileage for the first two tanks has been 28.5 mpg. This is mostly State roads and some "city". On the Highway the average mpg indicator reads close to 29.5 mpg, but drops quickly when traffic lights or down shifting is required. So far, so good.
    We're looking for 30 mpg on the highway once broken in. Intend to up the tire pressure to 36 psi for mileage, as long as ride is not adversely affected (all nitrogen). Since we have the 2 year, 25,000 mile free service, we'll not be going the synthetic route. Will report back after the first 5,000 miles.
  • ultgarultgar Posts: 4
    Highway mileage ran in the 23-24.5 mpg range for the first 4200 miles. Changed the oil last week to Eneos 5w20 synthetic and managed 27.5 mpg on a 120 mile trip (70-72 mph in the rain) and 28.3mpg on the way home (again around 70mph, no rain).

    Big increase...need to see if I can duplicate an improvement with this oil on another vehicle that's already using a 5w20 (non-synthetic) oil. SD
  • davidsd1davidsd1 Posts: 11
    Had 4cyl 2010 for 2 months with 3000 miles. Just had a round trip from San Diego to Las Vegas and managed 32.5 mpg. Avarage speed was 65 with up hill of 62 and down hill of 70. No AC, 32PSI and only one person with no cargo.

    On the other trip with AC on, speed of 75-80, the MPG drop to 25.

    I did exact the same trip with my Corolla 2004 with my wife. With speed of avragespeed of 75 and no AC, the MPG was 44.75.

    Chose 4cyl mainly for better MPG, but it seems V6 only uses 10% more gas. For extra $3K, I would have getting JBL, roof, 20in, and a quieter V6. I should have gone for V6.
  • 1trulove1trulove Posts: 29
    Likewise! We have 2,600 miles on our I-4, FWD and just completed a 900 mile trip from NC to Maine. Mostly highway at 55 to 70 mph. Average was about 60 mph. The calculated mileage VS the car computer mileage on 3 tanks of gas was: 30.5 mpg / 31.0 mpg; 28.4 mpg / 30.8 mpg; 29.3 mpg / 29.4 mpg.
    We were fully loaded with all the gear and clothes for our summer camp, including battery and tools (heavy). Tire pressure was increased to 36 psi and the Venza road about the same as normal. Note the descrepencies in the calculated VS computer mpg. The computer is a good indicator but can vary from one reset to another. Also head winds make a difference at highway speeds - a 15 mph head wind at 65 mph affect the car like your driving at 80 mph.
    All in all, were very pleased.with the mileage and power. :)
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    Our 4 cyl. front driver has gotten several tankfulls just over 27 mpg, one @ 29, and one with a Thule cargo box driving a lot at 70 - 75 mph when we got 26 mpg!

    The on board computer is spot on, within a tenth when we check. Not so for our former ride, an '06 Highlander Hybrid; it was always 1 - 2 mpg lower than the display.
  • rafael2rafael2 Posts: 20
    Thanks for your input... lots of people don't know how much fuel rating affects any car performance.

    I'm a heavy foot in HWY and light in the city, some air condition as require in New England summer.

    My V6 AWD Venza does avg. of 19.5 MPG. I had a 2009 Prius package #3 and that thing did 41 with the Heater/AC on 90% of the time, and I drove it hard... I mean HARD in the city. We do miss the fuel economy (the MPG) but NOT the car.

    :shades: I love this baby just would like Smaller rims for once like an 18" rims with fat tires so that I can treat it like an SUV and go on country off roads trails (not the very tough ones).

    :mad: This 20" rims are too bouncy, jumpy and busy ride. For the few first days I drove it, I almost felt sick to my stomach of so much bounciness. This rims size should be an option.

    :( Also, the FIT AND FINISH quality is more like a FORD type inside than TOYOTA or Lexus. The Price is somewhat expensive and the driving it has like a .5sec lag. It does feel a bit disconnected from the road but I think is because its 8.1" of ground clearance.

    19.5 MPG for Me!
    :) :)
  • venzaownervenzaowner Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    In Canada, this car is rated about 7 l/100km highway and 10 l/100km city. For my first tank of gas in my new Venza I got...14.7 l/100km all city driving, hvac on the lowest setting the whole time. That's 50% more than rated. I'm not impressed.
  • 2011 FWD, I4
    90% Highway
    10% "City"

    I am close to empty on my second tankful of gas and am looking at 25.2mpg according to the built-in calculator.

    I am also somewhat disappointed so far as I had hopes of seeing above 27mpg due to my daily commute of 80 miles @ 65mph.
  • yegoryegor Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    2009 I-4 AWD

    70% city, 30% highway
    24 MPG in summer
    22 MPG in winter

    20 MPG - heavy city
    21 MPG - city
    25 MPG - highway at 70 mph
    26 MPG - highway at 65 mph

    Please post your MPG at fueleconomy website where lots of people check them: - %20AWD
  • yegoryegor Posts: 2
    2009 I-4 AWD.

    One more thing - it takes about 10 miles for the car to "warm up" and while it does it consumes lots of fuel (especially in winter). Even if you drive highway expect:
    trip: 3 miles - 15 MPG average
    trip: 15 miles - 22 MPG average
    trip: 60 miles - 26 MPG average
    trip: 100 miles - 29 MPG average
    But after about 10 miles it starts to get really good MPG. So if you take a really long trip (more than 100 miles) you can get 30 MPG.
  • Installed a K&N air filter, not sure what cone refers to...anyway it seems to have a small impact to gas savings but it is there.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    And you may have gotten that much or more impact with a new paper air filter.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    Third tank of gas...26.6 mpg manual calc and computer was giving same number. 80 % highway at 70 mph & 20 % city .
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    2013 V6 FWD Venza w/ 2000 miles. Third tank 26.6 mpg, fourth tank 26.5, fifth tank 26.7 with 80% highway & 20% city. I filled the tank to overflow and calculated manually. computer states 26.6 mpg.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    .2700 miles on car...last tank 80% highway 10% city... Filled to overflow & manual calc got 27.9 mpg
  • I have about 500 miles on my Venza, which I got about two weeks ago. So far I am averaging right around 20 MPG in a 50/50 highway/city mix. I would expect around 21 after a couple of thousand miles. Not bad given the width of this car, AWD, and a V-6. Overall I'm pleased.
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