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Volkswagen Passat Comfort 2009

It's been 2 months I bought Passat Comfort Model 2009.
A couple of days ago when I arrived home I turned my car off, but the fan of the engine did not go off... kept working.. I tried ignition key several times before it went off. And yesterday again the same thing. Could it be the engine is overheating, so the fan stayed on, until the engine cool down?
I noticed there was a very hot air coming out from under the car.. maybe because the car was still running???
Any input will be greatly appreciated!


  • For turbo engine this is the normal protection mechanism. After you drive some long distance it's a good idea to let the engine run idle for 1-2 minutes. If you turns the engine off the fan may keep running for a few more minutes and shuts off by itself. The salesman told me this. It makes sense. I had worked in power plant and the main generator axle has to be moved by a small motor for hours until it cools down once it's shut down. Different stuff but similar theory.
  • I want to buy Volskwagen Passat Comfort 2009 to. Is it a good car. Do you experience any Elevated road noise
  • I have the 08 turbo which has a smaller rim (16") than the comfort and I had no elevated road noise compared with other cars. Overall I like this car and the drving is great. One thing I don't like is its ventilation output of AC. It's arkward and the air flow is not strong. I feel it's not very cold for a new car. But I live in hot weather and it's black. Test drive a few makes at the price range and you will tell the difference.
  • avaehsavaehs Posts: 3
    I noticed thta it takes 5 to 6 minutes tot Defogger in Volskwagen Passat Comfort 2009 clean Rear Window. Is it normal?
  • Mine does the same
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