Severe Back Pain in MDX

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We purchased a new 2008 MDX in August. I went from no back problems to severe back pain within six weeks after buying the car. I think it is a combination of a big jump to get into the drivers seat (I'm relatively short and we didn't get the side rails) and the terrible bucket seats. I can't find a way to get comfortable in the driver's seat and I'm now in physical therapy.

Anyone else experience back problems due to the MDX seats? Any solutions? Thanks so much in advance--I'm very concerned about how to deal with this. If side rails and some sort of back insert will make a difference, I'll of course buy them...


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    That's a bummer.

    Instead of rails, try a little plastic step stool for a while to help climb in. Something like this would be cheap and lightweight to fool with.

    I'm more inclined to believe the seats are the problem more than getting in. Some people have various issues that don't show up on test drives. Maybe the seat bottom is too long or too short, or maybe the seat back angle needs to get dialed in better.

    Sometimes the pedals are poorly positioned for some drivers and sometimes the seat isn't parallel to the pedals, and that can tweak your back. You can get pedal extensions if you think that may be part of the problem.

    An auto upholstery shop may be able to rebuild the seat a bit to make it fit you better by adding or removing foam, and even changing the dimensions of the seat. Your PT may know of some lumbar aids.
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    Try lowering your seat cushon...
    I had similar problem on my 2008 Tech...realized that when sitting with cushion on topmost position the bottom end of the seat-back was pushing into the lower back and causing pain..

    I have lowered the cushion, Moved the steering wheel to lowest possible position, and the seat back has a slight tilt....and my pain disappeared.

    Parallel parking & parking in the garage is difficult as now I have to scoot up to see beyond the hood...I am willing to live with that and have started enjoying MDX

    Hope this helps
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    Is the "dc" in your username Doctor of Chiropractic? ;)
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    Maybe the DCA stands for Doctor of Car Anatomy. :)
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    :P :P
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Member Posts: 269 worked for me....Thought FWIW I'd pass it on....
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    It's a good tip.

    Did you remove foam from the seat to get the bottom lower?
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    Hi, I am very curious to know how you are doing since I have experienced the same problem. I got a 2008 mdx in July and about 3 days after driving I get spasms and low back pain. We kept my minivan, so I switched back to that,and no pain, but every time I try to get back in the mdx, bad pain within a day or two. I am in physical therapy now too, and have had tests done which show no other back problems. Have tried many different cushion, but no real help. Would like to know if you found a solution. Thanks
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    I'm so sorry you have gone through this as well. I will give you encouraging news! I happily drive my MDX now with no back problems. I did have to continue physical therapy for a few months but the main "fix" for me was to get this at a Healthy Back store:

    That item did the trick for me, thankfully! I hope it helps you, too. Good luck and keep us updated on your healing.
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    I am encouraged to know that there is some hope for the MDX, and glad you are doing better. I will check out the cushion and keep up the therapy and let you know what happens!
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