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2009 Toyota Matrix, HID

HNDHND Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Hi, I recently purchased a 2009 Matrix S. I want to install 8000k HID for my head lights and the same ones for my fog light. Would that be overkill for on coming traffic as well as the looks. I want to get the 3500 k for the fog light but if the two mix, it might not look good from a driver seat. In addition, I was just wondering which brand I should use and if I opt to have someone install it for me how much should I be paying. Lastly, I know alot of ppl already stated that HID shouldn't void my warranty, but I'm just a bit nervous since it's my first new car... Please advise...



  • HNDHND Posts: 3
    Hi I want to install car alarm in my car, didn't want to fork $800 for factory Pre-installed alarm. Any idea which one I should choose as well as the price. In addition, will the dealer try to cheat me out of my warranty for modification?

    Thanks = )
  • hodlamphodlamp Posts: 2
    HOD new halogen bulbs + xenon inside !! PROPERTIES COMPARISON
    Hearing HID is forbiden in some country .Now we have new product HOD ,which is put a little xenon in the halogen bulb ,its shape is just halogen bulb ,don't need ballast ,the brightness is 3 times as Halogen bulb ,more less bright than HID,
    Price same as the Halogen , Welcome to inquiry!

    General HOD
    Luminous Flux 1600 2300
    Brightness 3100 3350
    Life 250hrs 350hrs
    High Lumi(R)nous Flux. High Brightness. Clarity Index
    Good Focus Internsity Long distance illuminating more than 80 meters.
    After installing HOD -new halogen bulbs , it provide more clearer view to driver but not affect to opposite driver which comply to motor vehicle safety requirement
    legal in aftermarket !
    No need to work with ballast.
    It is hightly recommended HOD-new halogen bulbs which is with powerful illuminating,all weather lighting that able to withstand rainingsnowing day and night and deliver a better view environment to a driver.
  • hodlamphodlamp Posts: 2
    Fiat Yang

    MSN:[email protected]

    Room 508 Tongfang square
    NO.334 Fengqi Road
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